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21 June 2007

We've come a long, long way together

Happy three year anniversary to me.

Wow. Three years. It makes me feel rather ancient, well, on the internet anyway. When this blog was created, I really had no idea that I'd be hanging on for that long. I'm not great with sustaining projects. Usually I lose interest halfway through. But maybe it's something about the medium--it's so bloody addictive, you know? Like an instant writer's kick, to type into something and then magically see your stuff out there, your stuff, unedited, vulnerable, waiting for feedback. I admit, I'm addicted to everything about this medium. When blogs finally go the way of those old Geocities homepages, and mirc chatrooms, I will be very, very sad.

I'm addicted to checking my stat counter, to looking for new comments, to Technorati even.

I'm addicted to thinking of things to blog about--looking at each situation from a third person perspective, never being completely in a moment, because a minute later I think, "I wonder if I can get a post out of this."

I'm addicted to having another personality, not me, not the real life me, but The Compulsive Confessor, eM, someone who people listen to sometimes, someone who occassionally makes other people laugh, someone who has spunk and the courage to say what she feels, someone who a few people think is worth revisiting.

I'm addicted to the other blogs I read, to be a voyeur in someone else's life, to know about the initials that rule them, the Saturday nights across the world, the random childhood memories, the being at a traffic light on a Monday morning.

And I'm really, really addicted to knowing what happened to me three years ago, knowing how my years have gone, knowing that once this was important to me, once I lived another life as another person, and it's all there, all so accessible, and it's awesome watching the way my writing has changed since I was 22 and new at this, to now, at 25, an old grizzled veteran.

Yay, me.

ps: Curious minds wanted to know more about the book--I'm not saying anything except that it should be out later this year or early next year. I'm doing another round of edits and it's immense fun, not to mention BLOODY TERRIFYING to think that little ol' me will soon be a Real Live Author. Wow. I love blogging.


  1. This is weird :) I just published my post about ' blog nostalgia', titled with a Beatles song lyric and I read about your blog nostalgia at the very same time.
    Zany coincidence:)

    I hear every line you wrote in your blog. About making it an online space that people find worth re-visiting.

    I love your blog. Keep going :)

  2. Congratulations for the 3rd anniversary of your blog.

    I love reading your blog :)

  3. ***Happee Birthday Bloogg***

    & congrats to your writer too, she's done you proud! 3 years & still going strong.

    eM, where's the pardy????

  4. Congratulations!!! Here's to many more of those years...

  5. Congratulations! Stat counter, comments, Technorati? Damn! You are no better than the next blogger :)

  6. Congrats on 3 and all the best for the kitaab!

  7. Congrats! Considering I'm already losing interest in my blog, 3 years is a long relationship. Here's to more. Chink chink.

  8. Goodie! Always fun to read your Blog. Congrats.

  9. I've been reading your blog for.. about couple of months now. And I think that's really good considering I barely make it through long emails. Keep the good stuff going & would be great to know who you are once your book is out.. tsk.

  10. o... and yeah... happy budday, dude! keep it going...

  11. hey, you're writing a book? Same as the blog? Pliss to tell!

  12. congratulations!!! u have matured in your writing..and its unbelievable to read through the transitions.

    oh please tell us more about the book....will u sign my copy? :)

    we love you eM...keep the years rolling...

    *cheers*- to many more years of the compulsive confessor..

  13. Hey... any way of getting in touch with you?

  14. arre PR ke chache.. tu toe peeche hi pad gaya yaar..

  15. Hi Em,

    I stumbled upon your blog few days back.
    Being very jobless @ work, i started reading from your first post.

    Keep writing more, and
    btw, congrats on the 3rd aniv !!!


  16. 3 yrs!! That's a very very long time. I've been blogging for three months and I feel like a veteran :) And I know what you mean when you say it's addictive. And hey, Happy Blogday! And all the best for your book. Will we know the real eM then?

  17. comment is not about your post but how you modified the blogroll links to match the look and feel of your site? I'm still struggling to do that with mine and thats why its still not up on my site :(

  18. hey!!! Congrats on the 3rd anniversary. I remember reading when u turned 2. has it been an year already?
    I am one of your readetrs that reads you a lot, but doesn't comment that often.

    I'm addicted to having another personality, not me... someone who has spunk and the courage to say what she feels, someone who a few people think is worth revisiting
    I always thought the real U and eM were the same person! Its surprising that you shud say otherwise :-)

    And yes, I often troll thru your archives and wonder at how your writing style has matured over the times.

    And you are going to get your book published! I'd love to read THAT one!

  19. Congratulations. Time flies when you're having fun :)Oh, and all the best for your book

  20. CONGRATULATIONS...!!! was there when you turned 1, was there when u turned 2 and am here when u turn 3 and will be defenitely be around for more.. EMMMM...great going girl.. ps keep us posted on that book of yours.

  21. So the universe *does* make room for random Gerberas

    Happy Three.

  22. Have a drink and celebrate!! Parteeetime! :D Happy buddday! :D

  23. Hey, Happy Anniversary eM...
    Babes, you are so so so soooo worth revisiting..I do that all the time..N the way r u restless for checking the feedback,m super excited to check ur new posts..U totally rock gal..way to go..cant wait for your book!

  24. Congratulations...3 years back I did'nt know what a blog was !

    Good luck with your book...mine too is cooking on slow fire :)

  25. all the best for that book of yours.

  26. Happy Anniversary!!!! I've read every post of yours!

  27. way to go !!!!! keep bloggin ur way through..

  28. Happy 3rd Birthday CC's blog :) I stumbled across it in your third year but instantly became addicted. Don't ever stop :)

  29. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  30. Hi, that is great that you feel this way about blogging, I am a newbie at all of this and been hooked for the past 3 weeks, I am 32 and just getting into it, I cant imagine getting into this when I was 22, ha ha. Hey I saw that you and your friends like to get together and go out for drinks. I wanted to know if you ever tried Cyber City Coffee? It is my company. Go to, you can order your coffee on line and it is all organic, then you can have your friends over one night instead of going out, and watch some good movies, have some great conversation all while sipping awesome coffee. Anyway, have fun with your blog. I have one too but have not got much action on it, if you want to check it out that would be great and send anyone over to it, that would be fun! Thanks and it was nice writing to you.

  31. Hi there,

    Happy belated birthday and Good luck on the book too!

    best wishes,

    Pensive Lawyer

  32. ok so we got one gutless anonymous ass leaving idiotic messages.
    Lil eM if you can get someone to track down who this abusive prick is i can take care of him.. there are ways of doing it.. i'll let you know.

  33. get timestamps on your comments...that way it's easier to track anonymous losers....using your statcounter...oh and happy birthday!

  34. ah!! dats a long time!! had i been as diligent as you are, i would have been close to completeimng two years now!! but den... i lost track of my earlier and started this one aftee a one year hiatus, and the actually woke upt o pay attention to this blog only aout a few months back.....
    miles to go, before i be anywhere near you!!

    Way to go.. rock on!!

  35. feels like kissing this post :) is damn neat!

    keep it going!!


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