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18 December 2007

We Are Now Twenty Six


Quite a long while for us to be living, no? Quite a long while for us to be blogging too, considering I began this thing way back at the callow age of 22. I like to think that over the years, with each consequent birthday post (three now!) I sound older and wiser. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking. Anyway, enough with the ruminating and on with the memory creating.

Right, so my birthday officially began Wednesday night, which was totally unplanned. I had a friend over for drinks and him and Shark Tooth and I were sitting around my living room when he said, suddenly at eleven, "There's a new club opening tonight where my friends are at, want to go?" I shrugged, Shark Tooth shrugged and we said, "Why not?" and made it to this new place--Blue Frog--like right at five to twelve or something. "Quickly!" I said, "Tequila shots! It's almost my birthday!" We got the tequila and downed it and not a moment too soon because then my phone started ringing and didn't shut up till almost midnight the next day. (I feel so popular and loved.)

Blue Frog is AWESOME, by the way. It's right opposite Kamla Mills, I forget what the mills it's in is called but I think Mathura Mills? Anyway, it's got this really trippy ceiling with these video images that do screen saver-y things, and it's shaped like an amphitheatre. All the tables are sunken in, circular and lined with pink lights. In the middle there's an open space to dance in or whatever, right in front of the stage. They're apparently going to have live music every single night, and the night of my birthday I got really lucky, because first of all they had this fabulous woman singer (I've been Googling and Googling but I can't find her name, so instead, here's a link to the club. Ooh and it also gives me the address--Mathuradas Mills, I was right.) who was doing Tori Amos indie music type songs, only not covers, I'm sure of that and secondly, they charged entry at Rs 300 per person and I know for a fact this is going to increase later (ENTRY not COVER. Robbers) and thirdly, because not the entire city knew about the opening--half the city, but not all--we actually got a table. But Blue Frog despite being lovely is sooooooooooooo expensive, I don't think it's going to happen again for me till the beginning of January or something. My advice is to tank up somewhere cheaper before you go. But you should still pay it a visit, it's got this completely global feel that a lot of clubs try so hard to get.

Enough of plugging Blue Frog (hey, do I get a discount?) and back to me. Thursday was my happy to you! And I spent the day teetering between feeling all jumpy and excited to being in the depths of depression. It's my birthday-related bipolar disorder, happens every year, but each year, it takes me by surprise. Finally, I couldn't take it any more, and I got out of the house to meet Chrisann, and we went shopping--one tube dress in white with black skulls on it (it's actually a lot more feminine than it sounds) and one sparkly white top--and got my hair done and then I went home to get ready for dinner at Olive.

Dinner was nice even though everyone except me and Chris and another friend, Yasmin was late and some people cancelled but slightly too propah for the drunken birthday celebrations I had envisioned. So after two margaritas, we went to Vertigo to sing karaoke (we did I Will Survive. Heh.) and were joined there by Pieces! Yay! I hadn't seen her in some ten thousand years so after several hundred tequila shots she suggested we go back to her place and I merrily agreed and I only got home at six thirty in the morning. Excellent birthday.

But I was so terribly hungover when my mother arrived at eight thirty the next day that I was chugging the water as we went to Oshiwara to pick up my birthday presents, one of which I sit writing at right now. My room looks transformed--I have brand new old furniture (ANTIQUE, my mother said) a desk, two bookshelves and a chair, a brand new mattress, which is springy and lovely and makes me never want to leave my bed and new curtains in blue and green. I may never leave the house again. (And I'm so broke, I don't think I will. If you want to see me at all this month, it will be in my house. I'm just sayin')

Saturday night was the 1987 theme party, which turned out to be not so much 1987, but still fun. No one played my specially planned games, but the booze had to be replenished and I had lots of presents and a blueberry cheesecake and that bit was fun.

My mom left last night, and Mr Crowley stopped by for a drink and my birthday celebrations were officially over. I have a feeling it's going to be a good year.


  1. Happy birthday girl!

    reminds me of this song frm pulp fiction..

    "girl you'll be a woman soon"

  2. Oooh Mathuradas Mills was where my old office was. Maybe still is except I'm not in it. Can't believe it's so hip now!

    Happy rest-of-the-year!

  3. cheers,
    have a great year ahead and keep writing!
    just another regular reader ;)

  4. happy belated birthday eM and best of luck for your book that will release soon we hope?....

  5. Hey Happy birthday. Really bad with remembering them. Shiv

  6. Ahh..So, somewhere in the middle of January, when thy coffers are filled again, we shall keep an eye out for skulls on a tube top,huh:-)

    P.S.Wouldja like write something nasty to someone again(soon)? I'm itching to see/pick a fight!( Ahh..the joy in the anonymity of using someone else's Blog to get rid of one's verbal frustrations..)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Are you serious? Shaair is damn hot...

    Happy rest-of-the-year from me too (I like that!)

  9. As an occasional reader of ur blog and a recently turned 26 myself, wish you a good new year!


  10. Happy B'day! And I hope the year ahead turns out your way.

  11. happy birthday.
    I used to work near kamala mills. Now they have to get hep new places. After i moved
    Long time reader first time commentor

  12. didnt focus on the number earlier..
    god, i wud be 26 in a week!

  13. Er...we DID play Passing the Parcel, or has Your Ladyship forgotten ;P

  14. Happy Birthday. And YAAY! the Bipolar Birthday disorder is universal!

  15. Have been reading your blog for about a month now... really like it...Belated happy birthday!

  16. Oh..Here also ur, But "Blue Frog despite being lovely is sooooooooooooo expensive," seeing..Y?..u believe BLOODY 13?

    vERY vERY vERY Belated(always shud be late) BAR-thday 2 u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!or something mean?

  17. My friends and I are looking for a place to party hard this new year's eve. I'll keep Blue Frog in mind, especially since the western exp highway is almost a stone's throw away from my house. Your "completely global" point went a long way in doing so.

    Nice post, again. Have a great year!

  18. hey there.... belated happy bday, ya old hag!! ;)

  19. happy birthday....please give me your recipe for kickass cold blender,milk powder! please.........

  20. heya.. dat ws quite a b'day celeb!! awesome!!!

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  22. coming here for the first time.. you write exceptionally well! Belated Happy Birthday!

  23. ok ok i know this has nothing to do with your post...but could you please give me that cold coffee recipe?! im a very thirsty person and of late, a very poor person...which means i can't afford much more than water on a hourly basis...but i'm getting a bit tired of the taste and so am desirous of an easy cold coffee recipe...that doesn't require any of things i dont possess (blender, real milk...)i can't work when my thirst is not fully quenched so at the moment my whole life is in jepordy. please give me the recipe that you spoke abt in a previous post em!

  24. wow.. funniest comment ever! so anon, bring out the pencil and paper my friend, because this recipe is so good, you'll need it on you at all times. (okay, p'raps not. but a girl can dream)

    you need: four tablespoons of milk powder
    2 spoonfulls of coffee
    and sugar to taste.

    put the coffee and sugar into the cup with a little hot water, and beat till it's this paste. try and get the paste as white as possible. Add the milk powder, some cold water from the fridge and ice cubes, stir frantically and voila! cold coffee!

    alternatively, you can do this with real milk, and use cold milk from the fridge which works for me also.

  25. My. Living on your own means you have to strip down recipes. But I'll give your cold coffee a shot once I'm back in college.

    I've linked to your blog on mine. Sorry I didn't tell you earlier. Hope it's not a problem. Don't worry, no bad press. You've been an inspiration of sorts.

    Oh, and belated birthday wishes. Keep those posts going!

  26. thanks a bunch em! you pretty much saved my life! luckily, i have accumulated a considerable stock of little milk powder packets: stole them from all the hotels i used to go to in happier times....
    what foresight, you say. i know.

    now that i know i can stir up a glass of cold coffee every time my thraot gets dry and starts to constirct, i feel empowered...

  27. lol... I have a jar full of premixed milk powder and coffee powder (and, somehow, sugar or sweetener) that momma sent me when term began.

    If, like me, you have a kettle but no fridge, you can make hot coffee with the same recipe!

  28. Belated b'day wishes! totally enjoyed reading your blog.. :)

  29. Belated happy birthday! Trust it was as good as any...:)

  30. hmmmm ur lang is qiute gud.i wish i cud write like u do.but u seem 2 b lonely girl and a bit bit bit????
    oh no i just dont get the wrd.i bit insecure?gone away from ur path?

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