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23 January 2008

eM's Quick Guide To Womankind


So yesterday, I learn from Jezebel was Blue Monday. Which would explain many things, especially the general aura of gloom and doom that lay bubbling over my head. Blue Monday was in great danger of turning into Blue Tuesday too, I've had Creep by Radiohead on repeat. (I wish I was SPESHUL, so fucking SPESHUL!) But then I thought why not send some cheer into the internet, because writing happy things gives me the illusion of being happy and because, hey, perhaps you're having a Blue Week too and deserve cheering up.

(Edited to add: See? See how much of a Blue Week it was? My poor Heath Ledger. My celebrity freebie person. Sniffle. And also the star of one of my all time favourite chick flicks, 10 Things I Hate About You. Wasn't he just delectable in that? The world is one piece of eye candy less and the Blue Week continues. I will miss him on screen.)

Also off Jezebel, I learn that Esquire is having a little survey where they want to know 10,000 things they DIDN'T know about women. 10,000? Easy peasy, I say. I mean, well, I'm sure I can get it up to thirty at least. (This is another one of those interactive type posts, by the way. I think I'm just getting lazy in my old age. Indulge me, please?)

So, here goes. eM's quick guide to thirty things you didn't know about women.

(Other eM's quick guides here.)

(Ooh, I almost forgot the disclaimer. Before anyone gets all boring and moany in the comments, please bear in mind a) yes, we are aware that we're generalising and b) most of these should be taken with a pinch of salt and not as the gospel truth)

1) We spray our cleavages with perfume. And, if we like you and we're on our third date and wearing a skirt, chances are we've sprayed the back of our knees too.

2) That thing you like? Not spontaneous. In fact, it took loads of practice and probably a conflab with our girlfriends using *ahem* pints of beer.

3) Most of us want babies. Even the ones who say they don't--they just don't KNOW they want babies. Some actually don't though. You figure it out.

4) WE'RE not taking so long in the loo. OTHER women are.

5) Nothing is sexier than a guy who can fix stuff.

6) Inside every woman, despite her balls of steel is someone who wants a little bit for you to think of her as a girl. This means a) not thumping her on the back and b) opening the door for her every once in a while.

7) If you've been with one of our girlfriends, we know what you're like in bed. Sometimes (okay, a lot of the time) we even know your penis size. Sorry!

8) We all have a thing we do when we're flirting. Pay attention and you'll know what it is. (Note: for me it's an eyelash dropping, big smile thing, especially when I'm drinking)

9) You're not cute when you're drunk.

10) You're cute when WE'RE drunk though.

11) Looks really really aren't that important. You've heard this a million times, be prepared for a million and one: all women really want is a guy that can make her laugh.

12) Not when you're fighting though. Hiding behind humour is the best way to head towards messy breakup.

13) We know the power of our breasts and we're not afraid to use them.

14) It's really hard balancing being tough career women and soft and gentle girlfriends/wives. Give us a break every now and then.

15) Once upon a time we've all liked Backstreet Boys/NSync/Boyzone etc. They're pretty.

16) Mmmmmmmmmm.... Musicians.

17) We're using granny panties and unwaxed legs as excuses so you won't think of us as sluts when we sleep with you on the first or second date.

18) Most of us can't cook. But it's fully bonus points if you can.

19) We can do many, many things, however. We just don't like to show off about them.

20) Like bargain. We are genetically engineered to be able to knock off the price by five to ten per cent at least.

21) We hate that we get 'slut' and you get 'player'.

22) We also hate that you're stronger than us on an average.

23) On the other hand, sometimes it's kinda sexy.

24) We are not opposed to kissing other women. Also we know it's a turn on and it's fun to manipulate you like that.

25) We know when you've been bad. It's true.

26) You're a lot like our dads. Creepy, but fact.

27) We're not going to tell you this though. And if you tell us we're like your mothers, we WILL run.

28) We're pretty much always judging you, if you're a romantic prospect.

29) We would really really like to know what happens in the minds of men.

30) And heh, inspired by an MSN conversation with scout, the clitoris is not a toy.

Go on for the afterparty in the comments. Boys, you can play too, with things we don't know about you.


  1. Was just thinking that nobody..nobody in my blogroll was writing new stuff...
    came to your blog a minute back and..nothing..a minute later and ..this :)
    Well, at least I get to read something with my morning chai..and will fill back in, only just woke up and can't be bothered to think :)

  2. ah! gyaan...

    always a pleasure to visit this space.

    #7,#13,,#24 were total shockers, donno bout other men but a majority of the guys I know dont discuss bout the women the've been with.

    rawk on!

  3. We HATE that they get 'player'! Also if they flirt, they are 'charming'. And we are...?!

    Oh! Under the same disclaimer, I state - you should know when we want to be pampered and treated like girls, just like you should ALWAYS know when we want you to back off and let us handle things ourselves because we are not damsels in distress who need some Knight in Shining Armour (we don't right?).

    Thanks! 'twas good fun! Especially after the Blue Tuesday at work!

  4. OK,

    Speaking on behalf of ONE man. Not all mankind, because unlike you I don't really think you can club all of us into one category. Truly eM, we're each and everyone of us very different. Really, broad stroke generalizations went out with modernity. Its all a postmodern universe now, you know? Ask Radiohead, they'll agree.

    Your guide, while insightful, is .. umm.. not new news lets show you how:

    1) Perfume, knees and cleavages, we knew that. Also knew that if I bent over to pick up my napkin at dinner and smelt perfume under the table on that third date that i was in with a very good chance.

    2) Depends on which think we like. Because most women, after that conflab - do that 'thing we like' (which i don't - i like something else) and I think, as they're doing it, that hmm... she's been to a conflab on this topic hasn't she, i wish she'd just figure out what it is *I* like.

    3) Ok, babies wanting not wanting, really not wanting, you basically said every woman is different, so this doesn't count. As for men, I want babies. I also want the woman contributing to be the best genetic packaging possible as well!

    4) The loo, yes I wish you could use urinals as well.

    5) I knew this as nothing new there.. and I can fix stuff. My dad taught me every handy man trick in the book. Hell, wanna check out my tool kit?

    6) Thinking of women as girls, its hard not to, its in our genes, in case you didn't know (and it looks like you didn't) guys who thump you on the back do it because they can't figure out how to relate to you as a woman because then they'd want to treat you as a potential sexual interest. The only way most men know how to deal with women who are just good "yaars" is to de-sexualize them completely, and that is a function of their hetrosexuality and making you 'one of the guys' at work.

    7) Other girlfriends and penis sizes? Yes, we know you compare notes, (for some guys - we take secret pride in the fact that someone may have told you about what a tiger we are in bed - well, that's what they told me when i was in bed - and i sure as hell hope they're spreading the word!) but sometimes you women are gross about it as well.. but we won't go there.

    8) You have a thing you do when you're flirting? Really? REALLY? Just kidding. I know a girl who gets all wistful when she flirts. We know about that sort of thing. Believe me, men look hard for it. Men love getting green signals.

    9) "You're not cute when you're drunk." Nope, neither are you - and lets not even discuss women and drunk texts!

    10) You're cute when WE'RE drunk though. Yeah, but do I really want to use that? Nothing sucks more for a guy whose into a girl to deal with the wake up sober moment. TRUST ME.

    11) Looks really really aren't that important. On my bookshelf: 10,000 jokes to get a woman into bed. (Ok, not true - but this is old news as well). Men have read you know.

    12) Women who can't lighten up during a fight... are kind of asking for a break up. Having said that, its the one time when that joke book i was talking about swaps positions with the Playboy behind the WC.

    13) "We know the power of our breasts and we're not afraid to use them." I KNOW! Isn't that GREAAAT!

    14) Men who just like dating, are really happy with that particular work/boy balancing act. It means they can date other women, and not have to attend to you every moment of every week - which is something that all new relationships go through - the woman wanting the man to be available at all hours of HIS work day.

    15) Boy bands? so? we're disgusted because they have nothing for us. We like Shakira for shaking her booty, we like the guy who did mambo number five. We like ricky martin, why? Have you seen the girls dancing around them?

    16) Mmmmmmmmmm.... Musicians. yes we instrumentally challenged ones know that. And its fucking annoying. Why do you think we DON'T take women out to live gigs.

    17) "We're using granny panties and unwaxed legs as excuses so you won't think of us as sluts when we sleep with you on the first or second date"
    , and we're thinking ha ha - she wasn't going to let us sleep with her! Look at what good seducers we are!

    18) Most of us can't cook. But it's fully bonus points if you can. "There was this one time, ( at band camp - couldn't resist) i made a great garlic pasta thing, and the girl i was seeing ... hmm.. well, lets not get into it shall we?"

    19) We can do many, many things, however. We just don't like to show off about them. Show off? MY ASS, you keep them hidden so you can be all waif like and all helpless like and make us do them for you instead!

    20) You may want to knock 5 % off the price, but this super human claim about this ability is a lie - and this is a function of being parsimonious, not male or female.

    21) Ah, but men secretly like sluts, and they don't like their women hanging out with players.

    22) "We also hate that you're stronger than us on an average. On average." Unfortunately i've had my ass whooped by girls from time to time, but then they see me as vulnerable and then I'm comfortable to be with, and then its skirts and perfume on the backs of knees! So, score!

    23) "On the other hand, sometimes it's kinda sexy." Yes, thats the moment when we're in bed and they realize the weakling thing was all an act to get to this point, but by then they're quite happy to be where they are...

    24) You think you kissing other women is manipulating us? You ever wonder why they call it MANipulation? We don't worry abou that AT ALL please, snog away! Hell, bring them to bed too if you can!

    25) We know when you've been bad. So do we. We also know that hiding it is absolutely pointless exercise.

    26) "You're a lot like our dads." Creepy, but again NOT unknown to us! We look for our mom's greatest qualities in women. But WE don't know it.

    27) You're NOT like our mothers! We would never date you if you WERE! How DARE YOU EVEN SUGGEST TO US THAT WE WOULD WANT TO BE WITH ANYONE LIKE OUR MOM.

    28) Yes. So we judge too, and its fucked up, because my ideal idea of romance is where two people feel comfortable, safe and un-judged in each others company. Isn't it amazing how many dates both sides have fucked up because of this?

    29) "We would really really like to know what happens in the minds of men." Well, this is a start to that insight. Also, read the game, and also in my case, something like this... I saw this girl at a party the other night, and she was really really cute, and so i started worndering if she was someone who hated small talk, and didn't hang out in bars, and wasn't interested in playing games, and maybe we could fall in love right then and there ...(list goes on for about 10 minutes).. and then I tried talking to her, but it was awkward for some reason. You know the jpg.. Post it! (Its on my desktop btw. Thanks for that!)

    30) "the clitoris is not a toy."
    If a guy knows how to play with it right, thats the last thing girls are thinking about. Plus, boys - come on.. "what does THIS button do?" is programmed into our genes!

    So, hope this gives you some insight into me/my species. Boys, for those of you who disagree with any of this, you just haven't experienced it yet. Trust me, unless you're really lucky in love and married your high school sweetheart, you will.

    What moniker to chose for someone - Jezebel. Hmmm...

    Nice post, bit presumptuous, but hey.. glad I could clarify things on behalf of THIS man.

  5. 5 facts about Men

    1# We think every one else other than our sisters/mothers/friends are sluts (atleast we hope so)

    2#We are still a bit confused about this 'safe sex' thingy

    3#We love our butts

    4#We know you gals are all basically stupid .(That is because we know you think like your point no #6)

    5#We all love you as a blogger, but none of us is going to marry you ! :-P

  6. Adding on: When you guys buy us a gift from say X or Y shop, we always think of all the "prettier" things that were available at the store;P

    Archana (regular reader-first time "comment-er"

  7. and when you say "I had a good time", we sure as hell know about what exactly you are talking about but still we want to hear it from you till the minutest detail like we never knew about it :-)

  8. i think for the first time i enjoyed reading the comments more than the post itself..
    kalyan.. that was SOME clarification!! like it :)

  9. the game. the game. neil fucking strauss. i HAD to go read it because i convinced myself that every man who was hitting on me had secretly read it. it seriously works. em, i have a soft copy of the book, i'll mail it to you. and maybe we can come up with a female version of the book. only, it won't be a book. it would be a flyer. gaming the man is much simpler than gaming the woman.

    and yes, the clit is NOT a toy. literally and figuratively. so please don't say you want to play with it. really. (ok, maybe this has just happened to me. but that's the point, if it can happen to me, chances are, it can happen to you too.)

  10. routed via NDTV (ya, yet another one :D )
    i wont go into the "battle of the sexes" thing right now ,
    but i have been breezing through your pages, freaking awesome they are!

    and so...just like that, i am linking you.

  11. sheesh!! nothing new here eM... or maybe its the side effect of being into a relation for more than a year now!! i dunno...
    btw, u missed out.. girls can be very moody, and one has to keep a very close watch on when its happening. should you miss it, its fireworks honey!!!
    girls love it, if a guy could sing, dance, write and cook apart from all the manly activities he's supposed to be doing!!
    no matter what they say, girls really like their guy to be muscular and not fat/plump!!
    wot else?? nothing coming to my mind as of now!!!

    as for guys..
    1. we can be more observing than you are and we can do that in a very subtle and quick glance.
    2. we might pretend to be dumb but then when we seek clarification of your thoughts we are just being sure and not taking a chance.

    more later.. gotta get back to work nw!!

  12. Hey eM!

    Good fun to read this one. However, sometimes there are 30 things men don't tell you so here goes:

    1. Cleavage and perfume? Not happening MAN. The things we like like to do with your cleavage, 99% of the times have nothing to do with the sense of smell. Now don't go on about how breasts are not toys!!!

    2. Spontaneous! Don't care shit. Just be fun to be around with. Even if you fake it!

    3. We are on the same page as babies go!

    4. Take whatever time you must. We are not LOOking princess.

    5. Not even a guy who can cook?

    6. Believe me, we understand.

    7,8,9,10 and 11 are items which are neither sexy nor opriginal, so pass.

    12. Men don't fight. Period. They just look for an excuse to get out of it quickly. Humor is one of those. Thanks for telling us it doesn't work. Read item 2.

    13. Obviously you don't else you would not be perfuming them.

    14. When was the last time, you understood the same about men. Lets clear a few doubts. Men find it difficult to cook, clean and change diapers, doesn't come naturally to them. Putting the toilet seat down also does'nt come naturally. But we do all those things, metrosexual and all that. Try being gentle about it and see it work like a charm.

    15. And I would like Shakira nude and throw in beyonce as well, in the buff again. Cheers, lets do our own things. Let live.

    16. Okay. We get the point as long as its not Anu malik you are drooling all over, I am game about it.

    17. As long as you smell nice, talk nice and be nice in general, you are not being a slut and trust me, most men don't care two hoots about waxing and stuff. Not after doing all those things to our faces with a blade and a brush for like ages day in and day out!

    18. Well, some of us can and in my opinion (have not checked with a girl), that should count as sexier than the ability to fix stuff.

    18 a. I can fix stuff.

    19. Good for your humble self.

    20. And men are genetically aware to jack up prices 20%, knowing that most often, women shop.

    21. Learn to live with it Sister.

    22 and 23. Too much of Mills and Boon, you have been reading lately.

    24. We are not opposed to kissing women either :-)

    25. Good for you. Keep the good news to your self.

    26 and 27. Unless we are genetic half siblings, thats highly unlikely.

    28. So, what are the good points.

    29. Between the wet dreams, you mean?

    30. Ok. Sure. Its not part of the food chain either, right?

  13. Loved the Kalyan's writing more. All credit to eM.

  14. Off topic, but apparently you're a 90-year-old balding man - as seen on TV! Seriously, look what Amit Varma found:

  15. Your jottings reminded me of my NANCY FRIDAY nights. Even though I am not reading her nowadays, I loved her for good imaginary letters and anecdotes.. But , a second thought says me that you are not of NANCY FRIDAY genre. Your roots go somewhere to a NAIR matrilineal system. Yes, it is true! What you do is a ‘post-mordernized’ traditional exhibition to woo users. Please ask your smoking boyfriends to share a pinch of history with you so that your jottings will not get rotten...

  16. I still have 2 Boyzone CDs, and the Greatest Hits one I still listen to sometimes...

  17. a. disagree with you on 15 completely.
    b. 16, not just musicians, here's a list
    c. how do you come up tripe like this dude?
    d. when we were 17-18 yr old girls dude!
    e. 28, again you're way off. we're not judging. we're assessing.
    f. the clitoris is not a toy like the nipple is not a radio tuner.

    31. when you say "i really like you" three months in to dating, it's exasperating.

    32. some of us are crazy about sports.

    33. there's nothing sexier than a man who's great with children.

  18. scout since when did you need to game a man?
    it's called snapping your fingers.
    did zaphod ever tell you about his time with the blokes from 'the game'?

  19. Reminds me of the art exhibition at Jehangir Gallery in Mumbai that caused a huge furore 'Tits, Clits and Elephant Dicks'.

  20. hey... i'm gonna link you at my site. Just a heads up.
    and as for shit men don't know about women: we probably get ourselves off on the days we're too tired to have sex. Because it's easier and quicker.

  21. hey that was too gud.. thanks for the valuable information :)

  22. Hmmm... Radio tuner nipples... patent office here I come...


  23. 1. We are NOT buying the first thing we see even if its exactly what we want. We'll check other options and probably might even come back to shop #1, but heck no buying the first time. And of course, we are gonna bargain (I see you made that point already).

    2. We LOVE getting our toes bitten softly when making love.

    3. We ARE good drivers.

    4. We will spend 5K on one pair of a-million-girls-would-beg-or-borrow-to-buy-those-shoes shoes, but will raise an eyebrow (and voice (a little)) when you pay 350 per month to subscribe to NEO Sports on satellite TV.

    5. Wedding is NOT a party. And thinking about it since 6, is in fact, very very real!

    There you go!

  24. Me again-
    I've started perfuming (is that a word?) my cleavage AFTER reading your post. Just couldn't get it out of my mind and so now do it regularly...
    It works :)

  25. Hi Em
    Hey Rachna.........
    Please put on skirt always..whenver it happens ...keep one good smell Perfume in ur bag..Stoop and Spray it.....Anyone noted should feel u r confessing for something?????????????...............Beware Good =Perfume-smell-FM's....They started this process...we knows..

    Thanks Emmmmmmmmmmmm

    FOr to bring another Hobby to people

  26. bullshit!!! how can you talk for all womankind....please consider multiplicity

  27. i loved it!!!
    some of it (ok, most of it is so true!!! )


  28. This is so stereotypical it's boring.
    How clever of you to group half the world's population into one big, homogenized space.
    And really, can you be more anti-feminist? For all your talk of liberation, you pander to the whims of the man more than anyone I know. You make me sad.

  29. 'We know the power of our breasts and we are not afraid to use them'-so true!

  30. Confessions are good when to a Vicar.......Women lose their secret aura around them by such confessions.......Dont do that.....We always like them to be like "National Treasure"

  31. Carefull when you come to Kerala....where moral policing is at it's best..i simply hate this place..where everyone's job is to poke head into others lives

  32. I love to read you. First heard from a mallu magazine, which publishes life style skills for 'victorian' girls. And the write up I didnt like. But your blog is cool. And as a gay mallu man, I identify at times with you. 'A false solidarity'! probably. Nevertheless, wanted to say that

  33. hhmm - brevity was never your forte.

  34. big surprises really...but tell me one thing, why do you so HATE the thing we like? And why exactly do you discuss your respective men's equipment, technique and god knows what else? I'm not being insecure, just genuinely curious. My own better half doesn't give me a straight answer :(

    Some of your pointers really perked me up- that musician thing (yay) and the looks don't matter really thing. I always suspected it but now it's confirmed.

    "It's really hard balancing being tough career women and soft and gentle girlfriends/wives. Give us a break every now and then."
    We're jerks, but will try harder.

    "We would really really like to know what happens in the minds of men."
    Frankly I think you'd be disappointed. Most of teh time we're thinking when would be the next opportunity to glance down at your cleavage, or, when we know you better, to grab you for some makin out.

    Thanks for this. Very nice read.

  35. haha laughin my ass offf~~~u msut be fun to be around~~~hav to meet you once in my life`~~~

  36. ohhoo....
    I don't know all these...
    But all interesting.....a different world exist just surround us...I do believe power of breast, specially when feeding milk to child....

  37. I have never perfumed the back of my knees.. but bathed, deo'd, waxd, put on good lingerie, washed n set my hair, flossed, kept an Orbit handy, smiled, flashed the tops of my boobs, sounded intelligent, looked expectantly at, bit my lip, given a slight smile n lookd away, leaned in slightly, not jumped a mile if touched. If that doesnt give a hint, i have picked up my back, given a friendly smile n fled. So please dont sniff the back of my knees.

  38. err.. i meant picked up my BAG

  39. u fucking bitch!!!oooh my god i would like to fuck u now!! my penis is so strong after reading this! i would like to bite on ur clit!!!!oooh my god!!!how big will it be ur pussy!!!so juicy!!!!come on i want to fuck u now !!open ur legs showing me ur holes!!!!ohhhhh!!!!

  40. many ambassadors of different sex'...!hmm...diplomatic and behind the market trading too...!and, finally some crying donkeys...a good dinner table..

    is this what called contemporary romanticism? i.e, what am seeing in this post and comments...(didn't take them separate since they are of same genre..)
    hmmm..o.k..this post depicts me a picture..but it veils's a curse to see behind the curtain first...isn't it? when there is a wonderfully decorated stage in front..?

    o.k..well.. keep it up..we are growing by these discussions socially,emotionally,and certainly,sensually.
    Kudos to all ...good work....:)

  41. eM, I am sorry to say, you are gifted with word power but using it in a not so gifted way.. All these thoughts will wash away with time(think of it when you turn 65).. And you will remain the same but with no good face to show.. I saw you on Vanita.. Do you really think you will have a FAMILY??(I ask you because you say you wish to have one) Who will be interested in you for a life long commitment.. you will be a well known writer indeed.. but not a good WOMAN.. Wish you all the best..

  42. #1. We don't really care if it smells like durian dipped in shit.

    #4. Kindly leave seat up when you're through.

    #5. Sure. Ask Kuttappan, plumber extraordinaire.

    #6. Inside every woman is a man (or so he hopes)

    #7. It pays to advertise.

    #8. You mean, you've noticed only one?

    #9. But you are, especially when you puke.

    #11. Which explains why I'm swimming in women.

    #13. Balls. For us, it is balls.

    #14. Something like being tough career nuts and 24 hour-boyfriend/husband at the same time. Yes. We understand.

    #15. Maria Sharapova, Ana Ivanovic. Hell. Gabriela Sabatini.

    #16. Please refer 11 above.

    #17. Once you sleep with us, see if any of us care.

    #18. Hence most us eat at restaurants.

    #19. Speaking the truth isn't one of them, sadly.

    #20. Actually, only about 5% of you can.

    #24. Right. We aren't opposed to kissing other women either

    #25. We usually get to hear of it when you've been bad.

    #26, 27. Any guesses why we don't have pictures of Oedipus in our rooms?

    #28. Tell us something we don't know already.

    #29. We know what happens in the mind of women.


  43. sounded transparent but the depth of justice largely depends on the situation which tempted U to write this. Anyway it was daring and drastically different with dignified identity. Liked that. And U got that passionate inclination towards silly party sex. But for that u were sensible. The point which impressed me was those regarind u ppl thinking our minds and ur sharing character with ur frds even abt ur bg. so tnk u, take care

  44. love your stuff....really tickles me :)
    dont know how you deal with these pricks though!
    so true about loos and dads!!

  45. i was kind a feeling uncomfortable after reading eM's 30 things on women(especially #7 and know)but i was lucky to read Kalyan's MANly reply to all the 30 THINGS and then started feeling comfy. Thanks Kalyan.

  46. 10,000) Women don't ALWAYS want to cuddle after sex. we really don't mind rolling over or throwing you off and going to lovely sleep. =D

  47. You might want to read this post

  48. lmao... now that is what we call funny! pretty good stuff there eM..

  49. i disagree with u about spraying perfume on cleavage

    that just seems too weird!

  50. different people different mindsets and altogther different thinkings......battle of sexes.. is going on since ages....what i have to say is to be little more sensible and accept the way we just writing tht wayz...i think we are leading nowhere...and a true woman is the one....who doesn't want to speak aloud about her womanhood....its just her treasure....which i have seen coutnerparts/and other women admiring....if a woman actually know how to flaunt it....and thats her sensibility and senstivity...not the sheer sexuality and much to count on the traits of womanhood.....i m proud of being a woman without any loudness on my womanhood.....and what kalyan has like retaliation....but thts also justified....:)

  51. every person is absolutely different from thier minds...u cannot tell all are same,behind every mans success there will be a girl,not all these dating,or sex kind of stuffs,true love need understanding,respect eachother,care...dont consider all man under one category


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