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1 June 2008

I'm too tired to do anything but bullet point updates these days

* Multitasking, thy name is eM: I am determined I can write, teach, party and date all in the same day. Okay, fine, maybe the same week. But still, I want to continue the way I always have, with a few extras thrown in. Is that so hard? YES, says the universe, rumblingly, and makes the weather hot, hot, hot, pressure cooker steamed sweat as soon as you turn off the AC and by the time a train journey is made during rush hour from the burbs to town, I'm ready to go back to sleep. But still, I need to do this to prove to people everywhere that you can, in fact, do everything. Oh, and somewhere in there I'm going to join a gym. Wish me luck.

* Did we say "dating"? Yes, I think we did: So, in the last week, one has been a busy little creature. One has also started to date someone--JC (you're ALWAYS going to be JC on this blog, it was inevitable, sorry) to be exact, the boy I went out with last Saturday. We've been getting to know each other and stuff and things are going rather well. (touch wood quickly) We haven't got sick of each other yet, which is also excellent and you know, the friends like us, we like us and so us it's going to be. (I love using the word 'boyfriend' though, although it fills me with a mixture of excitement and fear. I haven't used it out loud yet, just a few experimental test runs inside my head.)

* If I were a rich girl: I'd be a lot better off than I am now, that's for sure. Anyone looking to hire a writer? I write everything! And at reasonable rates! But, no, all this dating and socialising and the excitement of being back in Bombay after ages and going to a training convention in town which meant that I had to eat lunch out every day means I'm kinda broke right now. Well, not BROKE broke, but it's time to start counting those rupees.

Oh, it's good to be home, and it's good to be happy on a Sunday and it's good to be alive even if you are tired. I went and saw Prince Caspian today with Ira and JC and it was a very well done movie. I'm a big Narnia fan, I've read all the books--but I hadn't ever read Prince Caspian. The boy playing Peter is a hottie, even if he is very young. We had the third row from the screen though, and that, plus the fact that most of the movie was shot in the dark means that my eyes were like stinging by the end of it. I love battle scenes though with the smaller army winning and all the "THIS IS SPPPPPPPPPARTTTTTAAAAAAA!" of it all.

Tonight, we dine.............. in hell!



  1. For once I get to be the first to comment! I love your blog and I can't wait for your book! Welcome back and all the best with JC ;)
    - Vanity

  2. Just by reading your post, i feel as if i have run a mile.. good luck with the multi-tasking and the dating

  3. Hiya, just wanna say i dont actually look that much like jesus... well ok... maybe a little :)

  4. new to your blog...seeing someone's life from distance...nicely put up posts...Y do you need someone to hire you for writing. Go ahead with a book on the phase of your life itself, like Advaita Kala's 'Almost Single', provided you take out tme for one more activity in this cramped schedule :). N yeah m also 'small army beating bigger' types :)

    Let The Good Times Roll
    Enjoy Maadi!!

  5. Aah!! The story of lives aint it? Its mildly comforting to know that people around are as tired as you are with their lives. Well actually not that, but that they all mean to join the gym but never do. I like having company when I procrastinate. Really!

    Oh btw, You have no idea how big a sucker of "THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAAAA" I am, so much so that this dialogue finds its way into my civilised conversations too..*Sigh**

    Like I said, its all very comforting!! :D

  6. BIIIIG thumbs up on the "doing everything" bit!

    Keep it up :)

  7. Just checking how much of negativity you can take. You Really dont HAVE to write, you know? Get a hold on of your life, aren't you getting a bit too old for this incessent partying?

    - Not the same troll who wrote a similar comment earlier.

  8. "This is Sparta"?
    Aren't we mixing up our movies here? :P

  9. I've read all the books--but I hadn't ever read Prince Caspian
    Ahem. Contradiction alert.

    Also, if you didn't read it, weren't you confused while reading VotDT (which has all sorts of references to PC)?

  10. "THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAA" because that damn movie just superimposes itself over any other battle scene i see now.

    voyage of the dawn treader was easy enough to follow, i just used imagination etc to fill in the blanks!

    and prints, no i'm not, are you?

  11. THE BEST EVER battle scenes - 300, Gladiator (the initial battle/war, followed by awesome couple of lines between the hag roman emperor and joaquin phoenix, where he asks something like - did I miss the battle? or something like that, and a smug reply from the emperor) and Saving Private Ryan - the opening scene.... I know, it modern warfare compared the previous couple of movies, but its just horrifyingly well made!

    good luck with the multitasking

    hope the processor supports all the processes well :)
    all the best!

  13. Why?..... "I haven't used it out loud yet, just a few experimental test runs inside my head"....Even you gets all multi-task and multi thread dates?....Any inheritence feelings or its a mode of encapsulation?

  14. i just used imagination etc to fill in the blanks
    And as we all know, that's not something you have a shortage of eh? :)

    Although PC has to be my least favourite of the books, so maybe you didn't miss much.

  15. Whoa! You sure can write. I'm at work and it sucks to keep minimizing the window everytime the boss passes by.
    The situation with JC is exactly what i'm going through now. Good luck with it. And you're right bout the 'boyfriend' thing- Scary and excited!

  16. dats nice!!! soemone has been really busy!!

    I loved your blog very much.Do you have some knowledge about in

  18. I just came across the article about you and your blogs in Vanitha few days back - I didn't bother to see the date of publication and therefore didn't that it was a recent one or not. Now, you being known to everyone, haven't you lost the charm of being anonymous?

  19. NOOOO... you dump that boy quickly and be single. I'm all set to come to bbay and hit on u at Toto's.... and i dont wanna just buy you drinks and watch some JC lookalike take you home!! or else.... this will indeed be sparta!!!
    ok fine... i wouldnt hurt a fly.
    but could you at least be "in an open relationship"....or at least proclaim so on yoru blog, so a guy thinks that he has a shot.... coem on!! for a loyal reader and fan!

  20. gr8 blog! amazing playing around with words... good job!

  21. dear eM,

    Ur writing interests me..but d pity is dat i don understand much f dem..

  22. lots of anons are hitting on em these days ., thought they all left after em stopped writing about her dates :-P

  23. is your book out yet? was reading about it in the march blog posts... i want to read it as soon as it comes out, dude

  24. Hey!
    I've been reading your blog for a while now..boy, can you work with words or what?! You make Indian Bloggers look great! heck, fabulous, even.
    All the best with everything:)

  25. Dash it..! Now I'm convinced I shouldve listened to my ex and grown the hair n the beard!

    I have this pet theory..Which i keep telling Mustafa, this other long haired pal of mine. That on most occasions the long haired bloke with more than half a pate has a far better chance with the chicks than the non-long haired variety..I mean..If i was a girl, i wouldve dated the long haired one mouthing gyan about the sensex/tech than the the close-cropped boring-banker types... (Read,Me)

    ( Mustafa.If you are reading's my ode to you,albeit, on stolen space. Along with the Rouge pics, this should make you seriously page 4...;))

    JC, since you're here too,Hasta la Vista, Boy. We'll be back,long hair et all, and then THIS SHALL BE SPARTAAAAA.....:-)

    How's the book coming along, girl?


  26. kya heroine
    kal ndtv pe re-run aa raha tha. after i bookmarked ur blog, my pc got formatted & i forgot about it all. par yesterday i was like hmm... uska face aata toh hai cam pe... & i saw u & yaar i remember u had this one post where this one guy commented on ur looks & also, when u wrote about the show, u dint put urself under the best light. but yaar u look good. & u sound even better. the accent was a revelation for someone who'se not brought up in the nerd lands down south. i wanted to say that in the latest peice cos i dunno if u read the one on the show or what.

    narnia were books? :O

  27. this woman above is witless. a chunk of cheese would be better informed.

  28. simply incredible style of writing......... really love the way you use your words so nicely.... eM, is it really necessary to be a writer or journalist to be able to write so finely? I wud really love to know how you do it


  29. hey, love your blog! allteh best with your book.

  30. i m being made famous on other peoples blogs.. This theory about long hair is quite correct. I am almost depressed that i am thinking of cutting them.
    We should have conv on the comments of other ppls blogs what say?

    ohh yes by the way ur blog is great..

  31. You have a knack of making words come alive! I love your style - personal, simple, narrative, yet so entertaining.


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