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24 May 2008

Half asleep in frog short-shorts

I've just woken up from a stupor like nap, which lasted about three hours, after-effects of this last week where I was waking up at six and going to bed at midnight every day. eM minus sleep is normally not a happy camper, but I've had an excellent week, off on a training camp with the NGO I'm going to be working with. Everyone there was all MASSIVELY dedicated and massively passionate about what they did and I felt very small and insignificant and full of awe and developed a sort of mass crush, staring around me with shiny eyes. (Sadly, mostly all women.) I met many lovely new people, did some soul searching and soul baring and things I have never done before and yeah, basically, I'm really glad I went. But, in keeping with my not blogging about work-type things, I'm going to leave it at that.

Shortly, I have a date. I don't know whether it's a DATE date, or just an encounter with a man, but it involves me dressing up and wearing lots of perfume and shaving my legs and things like that. It's also with a man who looks a lot like Jesus Christ, which is kinda funny, coz my friend Sameer has for the longest time told me that he thinks my song is When You Were Young by the Killers. So every time I go out with a guy, he sings one line from the song, the bit where it goes: He doesn't look a thing like Jesus, but he talks like a gentleman, like you remember when you were yooooooung. And NOW he actually does look a lot like Jesus. Sameer, if you're reading this, HAH.

In terms of personal development though, I think post-Delhi, I'm doing quite well. I feel evolved and sorted and together and all that. Right before I left for Lonavla, I had quite the hectic weekend also. (Not thinking about going out for a week has made it a little hard to remember what exactly I did, but I think it's coming together now.) Friday, I had gone first to Boat Club (soooper shady, but cheap) with 4WD (whose blog address I have lost so he'll just have to comment on this post so I can link it) and Ira (who comments, but I don't know whether she wants me to link her or not.) And then of course to beloved Zenzi, where I'm going again tonight. Yay Zenzi. I have withdrawal symptoms, seriously. Although Zenzi is like the worst place for a first date because I inevitable meet SO many people I know and then they linger to chat and then everything is all social and less one-on-one. But that's okay in this situation because a) I don't know whether it IS a date and b) I think we're doing something post that as well. Yay for Saturday night in Bombay!

We had headed to China House after that and meh, I'm so over it. China House is not very nice any more, actually, no, scratch that, it's the same, I'm just not a huge fan any more. And I haven't been drunk in a while either. But that night I think there was tequila and then some mixing of drinks--vodka and Bacardi and something else and it's a wonder I woke up the next morning, not only hangover free but peppy enough to write three columns and send them out before 5 pm.

BB (another friend I surprisingly haven't blogged about earlier since before I went to Delhi we were hanging out ALL the time and now are convinced we're MFEO and BFF and all that) (That's Made For Each Other and Best Friends Forever, just in case you were wondering) had a party on Saturday evening, which began at four pm, which of course meant everyone showed up by seven. BB is called BB on this blog for a very specific reason, but I'm not going to elaborate because she's taller than I am and might sit on me. It was a good party, much alcohol, some cut up watermelon, but since both the Beebster and her flatmate are very popular people, their flat quickly got very crowded and hot and so I left with some other friends to go for another party.

The other party was in Worli, in a BUNGALOW by the SEA and I seriously did not know Bombay was hiding houses like that. There was a two-tiered garden and a white parapet which I leaned on and watched the moon reflect off the waves which lapped against the house. Beautiful. Inevitably, at all parties, I find myself DJing by the computer, so I found some music I liked and got people to dance and had a good time before I had to leave at two in order to get like five hours of sleep before I caught the bus the next day to Lonavla.

I'm kinda nervous about teaching though (which is what I'll be doing with the NGO). I mean, I've learnt the theory of it in the last week and next week I'll learn about the practicalities of it but it won't be the same before I actually DO it. I like kids, I like their personalities and their energy and their honesty but I don't know whether that qualifies me to impart knowledge or anything. But I really am looking forward to it. It helps that I'm creative, I guess, because I can take that and use it in the classroom. Imagine little ol' me a teacher. Wow. It's going to be so, so different from anything I've ever done and also, I think, the most challenging job I've ever had. Stage fright is overcoming me now.

It's 9.20 and I should go shower before my possible date with JC. It's good to be back though and not have to travel for a while! But, aargh, Bombay is soooooooo hot and sticky, I wish I had an air conditioned bubble to travel with.

ps: Would the anon who posted the last comment on this post please stand up? I'm very curious, and it was a lovely comment (even though I'd have preferred it to be a little less, um, specific), even though I'm not entirely sure it was directed at me, considering the last time I was at a beach was with KVA and I don't think he's leaving me loving comments. It's nice to recieve non-you-are-horrible comments from anons though, I must say.


  1. First!
    I hated your blog first, and then came to realise what fun it is. Take a love eM. We love you.

    All the gushing aside, do you realise your blog has spurned this entire horde of eM wannabe blogs? Imitation is the best....

    One more query. Are you Little Miss Behavior? Just asking...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Looks like Jesus Christ? As in long curly hair and sleepy eyes? Ooh. Sleepy eyes. Have a good time!

  4. take a bow*

    damn the cookies :)

  5. Akanksha? With my friend Gauri doing the training for you? That's got to be it! It'll be easy peasy, eM. I did it in college... chin up, you'll be a natural and they'll love ya. They usually do. It's sad that it's usually because the kiddos have very little to love, but you'll be loved, so there.

  6. Okay wait, I got the timeline all wrong. Akanksha went to Lonavala LAST sontag. Never mind!

  7. boring post. waste of internet resources.
    you know, you don't HAVE to blog!

  8. Does he talk like a gentleman? ;-)

    To the poster above - wtf is a 'waste of internet resources?' Examine your statement. Then examine the education you've had and ask yourself, was it worth it? Or was it just a waste of resources?

  9. Ha, ha, ha yeah he is definitely a JC. Did you notice something weird last night with him or was this just me: he walked into Zenzi with his hair all wet, like he had just gotten out of the shower, by the end of the night his hair looked the SAME!!!! Freaky right?!
    I don't know if you would call last night a date since we were like with a million people, but don't you think going to Zenzi on a date is the BEST! If you don't get along with your beau there are always the TON of friends around to hang out with.
    Good to have you back!
    How was Rock Bottom?

  10. Ooh, JC as popularly represented is quite the hottie! G'luck! :)

  11. it was an EXCELLENT first date :) and so, i spread the love in the comments section! (also, i'm procrastinating writing two columns)

    anon: thank you! it's always nice to hear nice things. (god, i'm eloquent today, eh?) and what's little miss behaviour?

    wandom: you have the description down EXACTLY. Sigh...

    orangejammies: no, actually, you're right. it was this year too! (i thought it would be easy to guess, coz i don't know many other famous-ish NGOs in bombay doing the same work) and i hung with your friend!

    anon2: and you don't HAVE to read.

    anon3 (who i suspect is sameer): hahahaha.. well, gentleman-ish i'd say. we don't want them to be TOO nice.

    random: ah the joys of a good gel. :) and you're right, i guess zenzi would be a good place if you had not much chemistry, but it kinda also hampers the chances of HAVING any chemistry in the first place, no?

    sharanya: no? i'm talking pre-crucifix christ, so yeah. :)

  12. LOL! Lest I sound too much the kinkster, I was thinking pre-crucification too. :D

  13. Ohh.. so how was the date with Jesus Christ? Am sure a lot of 'love' spreading would have happened.. ;-)

    Have fun.. and rock on \m/

    (positively depressed by that)

  15. Okay so when Ivy officially opens in Bandra that can be the perfect first date place. It has such a Parisianesque feel to it!

  16. It's been just a few months since I started to read your blog. And I'm a regular visitor these days. However it's the first time I feel to comment. Nice that you'll be teaching in this new 'avatar'. Go on...all the very best.

  17. 'Everyone there was all MASSIVELY dedicated and massively passionate about what they did' ---

    You are so Hollow!

  18. i dont know if i can say this coz i dont know u personally but i'm so proud of u!i always had great respect for teachers and knowing tht a person as sincere as u are, is going to be one, the respect doubles with admiration. wishing u all the success dude!

  19. hehe..
    first things first..,u got an awesome blog...It was ur blog and tht show on NDTV which kinda prompted me into this[tho mine is not yet a big hit as urs :-)]..time jus flies off readin ur blog..I wish a day had more than 24 hrs..

    Keep rocking sis!!
    cheers.. more thing...,cud u do away with the word verificaTION thing??

  20. Could you please stop this hell writing.. It leads many of us "good readers" into mess... Drinking vodka, Bacardi etc etc not a real confess and doesn't relate to any good literature work. PLS STOP your blog. Are you trying to project as good writer... i am not sure....

  21. Hey em!
    Love your blogs!
    Though notice a slight taming. not just with the sex content but in it public pressure or publisher pressure?

  22. And to the anon comment above, if I may please? If the world can tom-tom the ramblings of a chetan bhagat.. then a far superior em is free to write as she pleases!

  23. hey i agree with the anon commenter who said there has been a "taming"....the posts really seem to have lost some of that old fizz (and i am not talking about the sex at all)'s still engaging reading...but i think that "don't give a damn"ness that anonymity afforded you, which was one of the key ingredients of the blog's slowly getting lost...

    All the best with the job anyways. The world always needs more teachers.

  24. You seem to be a 24 hour party girl/woman...with a good command over your writing. Lucid and humorous. Enjoyed it. Have fun teaching. And don't forget to learn while doing that. They go hand in hand.

  25. Interesting. I got to know about your blog from a friend who's friend is your 'current' friend. Strange or True, I read this scratchpad of yours and am quite impressed.

    You have my ID now; you know what to do.

    - Amit

  26. Hey nice blog- was surfing and juss happened to bump onto it!

    Must compliment- great angrezi and very creative writing!

    Have fun at the NGO- 'cuz it's noble, b'bye :-)

  27. Hahahaha... hell writing!!!! Good one. You are Hell Writer. That is your new super-hero(ine) name. Now go fight crime. There's an autowallah getting overcharged for vadapaav near bandstand as we speak...


  28. enjoy your date... i guess I'm late but still!! You seem to be my typa gal partying like this!! Wish we can meet up sometime?? Btw where are you from?

  29. i do not have much to comment on the blog entry , was quite uninteresting this time .

    but some one in here said , there are a lot of wanna be em's in the blog world .

    Im just worried whether i am one !

    See , if you have always been a writer , but have never blogged , and got the idea of blogging from here ., will it be considerd as a 'wanna be em' blog ?

    I feel a bit sick, i am some one who look for originality and hate fakes .

    PS:I look a bit like Jesus .,and Hrithik ..., and Osama Bin Laden ...., and Dracula .

    Has any one of you found any kinda similarity with these people ?

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Creative persons usually have stage fright..but i wondered when i knew u too have dis


  32. Your posts are like having chewing gum for dinner.

  33. "it involves me dressing up and wearing lots of perfume and shaving my legs and things like that."

    it amuses me to note the amount of preparation women engage in even when they would hardly prefer to call it a 'date' :)

    no wonder they hate guys who walk in pretty much as if they're just outta bed..

    in love of laziness...


  34. Well, nothing much, just on the post name.
    Well-liked book, so thought will mention. Nice to see a reference.

  35. hey good stuff .. fun to read this ... keep it goin . ppl out der say they can make money thru a blog . i find that hard to believe whats ur take ...

  36. err.. u seem 2 have earned a quite number of followers of both the sexes..

    i think d compulsive confessor shud confess more often!!! :)

  37. Umm,just curious but why is this post titled what it is? And also, have you read the book? I just read it and cant get enough of it...


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