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1 November 2008

And on the seventh day, he created Hallowali, and it was GOOD

Hallowali at the Confessor household this year only had three people in costume. Me--as Lakshmi, complete with a string tied around my waist strung with Lakshmi Dollars, a Kama, with condoms around his neck and around his wrists, and Pan--who had fuzzy goat pajamas made and horns and a flute. Everybody else just came in regular clothes. Hmph.

There weren't that many people--twelve at the most crowded--but there was so much alcohol and so much chattering that the party went on till the wee sma's. Plus we played Taboo! (Which I know, sounds really boring and old-people-esque, but it was excellent fun with the drunkeness and the slurring and the cut throat competition in the air.)

Quite a fun week, actually. I went to the Hawaiian Shack one night with Ira and got lobbed onto by many men, whom we fended off valiantly with our light sabres. (Random Guy: What's your name? Me: My name is I Have A Boyfriend. Him: Oh. Okay. So what's your last name, then?) When we got to the bar, the DJ yelled, "Free tequila shots for everybody!" and Ira and I squealed and hung over the bar and opened our mouths as the bartender poured massive amounts of tequila into them (and yes, it spilled everywhere. The next morning I woke up and got drunk all over again with the fumes.)

And JC came home, came home to meeeeeeeee! Of course, he also came home to some nasty food poisoning bug, which I suspect is like malaria or something. What is with me and sickly firangis? I'm being all nurse like (again!) and being the occasional head stroking, Sprite fetching, laundry folding girlfriend of his dreams. Of course, I'm not being appreciated. Even as I sit here, sacrificing time and energy and resources, he is reading this over my shoulder and not only making snarky comments about my nursing capabilities but also correcting my grammar. Seriously. I should leave him alone to ROT, YOU HEAR ME? ROT!! ("You're so mean!" he says, poking my side. Sigh, men and their instablities.)

I also went and saw BB's play yesterday. Called The Shape Of Things, it was on at the NCPA and should be on again in November, and you should totally see it. Then she bought us post-play shots of many things and some champagne and by the time I got home to my (unappreciative) boyfriend, I was all wheeeeeeee and yay and bring on the drunky.

I've also been reading this site today, I love snarky websites such as this one, and I thought a nice, bitchy selection of blog reviews might be fun to peruse because I have nothing else to do. They also reviewed me because SOMEONE (I know you're out there and I will get you) submitted my site and it wasn't all oh-you're-incredible but it wasn't all oh-you-suck either. Fair enough. But sometimes, I think the thing with these review sites, especially if you have the same people on it, they, well, start looking a little generic. I can tell which blogs they like and which they won't, just by clicking on the URLs. My (completely unsolicited) advice to Ask And Ye Shall Receive? Try and match the profile of the blog you're reviewing with the reviewer. For instance, your general mom blog could be reviewed by a mom blogger, a food blog by a food blogger and so on. It would give an interesting perspective, and, it must be said, make you sound less jaded and cynical and oh-we're-so-cool-and-you're-not. (Sadly, I can't find their review of my site, but it's there somewhere.) Admittedly, this does sound a little bit like sour grapes, but eh, I'm all nursed out, I'm beyond sounding politically correct at this point. Make of my review of a blog review blog, what you will.

Back to Sir Grumpalot. Later.


  1. Oh stupid theme parties ..... But yes they are fun. *awkward ponder*

    anyways, keep going and ms. Nurse, try to improve your whining. Im with you JC :)

  2. that site is pretty damn entertaining though..They did mine about a year's the link

  3. "Sir Grumpalot?" OMG, that was the best!! *rotfl*
    Ahem! Excuse me. I'm weird, yes.

  4. Taboo is kickass! The drunk version especially! So is charades of any kind.

  5. Here:

  6. I was at the Shape of Things Thursday evening and loved it because I went in with very low expectations, the names and production house being unknown and all. Now I'm all excited about the next AKvarious production, which is this weekend, actually. Yay!

  7. I went to the shack almost after a year yesterday!!!
    One, you gotta be drunk to enjoy seening some random guy jiggle at ' Like a virgin' soundtrack.

    Two, I realised that drinking smoking and headbanging has shifted places. The smoking ban finally sunk in! i had to jostle through elbows every now and then.

    Third... shack is still the place you can walk in jeans, t shirt without feeling underdressed and enjoy a long lost song of Micheal Jackson( after a few drinks of course!)

    infact I read your post...was in bombay...and suddenly missed planned a trip:))

    Shoe Girl

  8. hi there read ur book and was good inspired by u an amateur blogger trying to share my stories with people around ... M a small town guy with a normal life ...would be glad if u visit my blog which i have been writing since july .... had sent u a mail abt that sometime back too ... URL :

  9. would like to tell u that u can start reading from the My first post posted in June. Thanks for moment .... I liked the line in ur book that word clots and worse than blood clots .... it definitely applies to me .... thnks n e ways ... do comment on my blog ... if u get time to do so ....take care and happy hallowali ... or being a bihari cud say ki happy chath.... [;)]

  10. I have to say inspired by your theme I tried convincing ppl here to have a Hallowali party as well, but alas not everyone shares the same enthusiasm and so it ended up being a pretty lame evening for me!
    Sir Grumpalot was possibly the best word I've heard after Hallowali!! lol that had me in splits

  11. tell ur father that,my friend will give everything he own for getting the talent to write like N S M adhavan

  12. Mr-Twelve-red-roses-on-vday-instead-of-yellow-roses has the link to your blog review. Ask and you shall receive! ;)

  13. To the blogger Wunderluster, please get in touch for information about getting hold of the book in the US.

  14. playing nursemaid? funky! i dunno what is it with guys that they dont appreciate you when you are being nice to them even if being nice means telling them to stuff whatever witty comment they have about the medicine and drink up. :D

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