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12 February 2009

eM in England (part one)

Gah. I don't even know why I bother anymore coz I only seem to be updating this thing once every couple of weeks. Here's the thing though; the reason posting frequency seems to have gone down. Ever since I became a freelance writer, my columns have been pretty much taking out of me whatever subject matter I need for my posts. So blogging is disjointed, unfrequent and usually not as top quality as it used to be when I was a journalist and wasn't writing about the same things I blog about.

Excuses over, here's what I've been doing. At the moment, I'm in England and boy, does it feel unreal to type that. I didn't honestly think I was going to come, not even when my ticket came, not when the visa came, not until I got onto the plane and even then, butterflies dancing around in my abdomen, I was pretty sure it was a dream or happening to someone else. I got off and pushed my (very heavy) suitcases through the gate, scanning the crowd for JC. No JC. I'm all oh no, what shall I do and segueing into, okay, I must find someplace that will give me change and then find a pay phone and I'm going to kill him but he was there! All waiting and pretty and awesome and we hugged for so long, like our bodies were fused or something. Even now we're pretty much constantly touching, finding excuses (or, not so much) to kiss or hold hands or to rub a friendly hand on the other's face (me) or bottom (him).

I'm in a very pretty English countryside-y place, you know, with foxes and rabbits (and robins, which is what the picture is of) running across the road, and thatched cottages and Enid Blyton and Mistletoe Farm and all that. I even had crumpets for breakfast. If you've ever felt like you were transported back through time into a book and then suddenly saw everything you read about coming to life then you'd know how exciting this is. And if you haven't, then well, perhaps it's time for you to plan a trip somewhere.

AND it's not even that cold which was my biggest worry. Okay so I have a huge thermal jacket and loads of sweaters and boots and stockings, but I thought even those would be inadequate. But it's been nice (the entire day I've been here ie). Very Delhi in the middle of winter, except with central heating. And rain.

Anyway, to make up for my lack of posting, think of this as part one of the eM does England Diaries. The next part will be up on Friday or Sunday. Maybe even (oooh) pictures. Plus more mushy stuff of course, but hey, a girl's gotta have some romance.


  1. Enjoy your time in England....I absolutely loved the country when I much to do, and unlike other places in Europe, you can actually talk to people in a language they understand :)...looking fwd to england diaries

  2. i'm so glad ur kinda sorta back. my blog reading had dwindled in both content and material since u slowed down :(

  3. Enjoy ur time in the UK eM..Have a blast..I haven rly been there so,looking forward for part 2 now..

    are ya workbound or...??? :)

    Who says ur not in the top now??It might not be as frequent,but then,u cud always give ur readers GYAAN.. :)

    put in sum pics too if u can..
    u kno one more thing??Its been 13 months since u made ur public appearance on NDTV.thanks a lot for tht for I have been hooked to dis space ever since..

    take care...


  4. Awesome! Hope you have loads of fun and relive all those stories you read in school about England, it's fantastic castles and sceneries. I envy you (in a good way, of course). Oh and please keep updating the page with details! :)

  5. hey have a blast eM!! and waiting for your 2nd post :)

  6. Why dont you post her links to other articles and pieces you ahve been writing?

  7. Living like in Enid Blyton's?That must be superb.Just when I finished reading all your archives you sort of stopped posting and that made me so sad.I know you know,but it wouldn't hurt if I tell you,I loveeeeeeeeeeeee your blog.

    My life is completely different from yours but your blog helped me so much to get over some tough times when I'd read at night.
    Please be more frequent :) and pictures?Wow!!

  8. What is about meeting ppl outside airports.. i guess itbe because its one place where u can display physical attraction and people around would understand..

    Have a great time and please do irritate the guard outside the queens palace for me ! Make faces at him or something...

  9. Hey.. nice to have you back... enjoy UK...

  10. been in UK 5 months and yet, even now i sometimes get a feel as if its all a dream. Anywyz, I get the feel u missed the blizzards by a whisker which very much threw life out of gear here... but yeah, playing around in the snow and making poor attempts at snowman was something worth all the trouble!!

  11. where have you been?!!(ok i know now...but that was pretty much what i was thinking all week)

  12. Well, for starters ... you have readers who love your blog, so don't neglect us, babe, and keep updating. Enjoy England!

  13. hey!!! try watching a seson of SATC and u would wonder whether she is living carrie bradshaws life

  14. ye.. is that a picture u have clicked.. well indeed if it is ... it is very sharp and well taken. the posts as usual are nice and warm... and enid blyton is my fav writer too... credits to shiv niketan!!!! (im guesing)

  15. Aww, glad you are having a suberb time, hope everything is going as planned, thought of and anticipated?!

    Come back soon, I can't wait to see you and hear all about your trip.

    PS: Don't burn any cigarette holes in my coat!

  16. Good to have you back...finally!
    Will you be travelling to Scotland? the train ride there from London is awesome. It feels so weird to be able to buy liquor and on a train drink it legitimately.
    And go to Tesco and buy strawberries ... they are the size of apples!!!!

  17. Read your book..Broke all barriers! Here's to wishing you a gr8 stay in the Land of Brits!

  18. hey i read ur blog d first time ....i am here coz i really liked a atory kinda thing u had written in d mumbai mirror issue a few days ago..liked it a lot n tried 2 preserve d issue bt sumhw lost it was bt a frnd henna who went on a date ..n d diff btw d prep of guys n gals bfore goin on a date ...if thrs a link 2 d page do lemme knw...thanks tc

  19. I must say i havent seen a sexier (yep! cos of its feminine appeal) blog than this. Would love to see some cool countryside pictures with some rabbits & foxes as you said. Have a nice time.

  20. Bring back some accent eM.

    And tell us how long it takes to get the craving back for Indian Street food.

    I can last two weeks... Beat that...

    Must Say that I am upset that you dont blog as often as you did... I missed your blogging when you were in your prime (as a blogger silly)... and you converted lazy me into a blogger... although no one reads my blogs :-( (get the drift).

    Jokes apart, I hope the blogger returns as the writer matures.

  21. how long should we wait for the next post...UPLOAD FAST :)


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