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17 April 2009

Out Damn Block

Boy, I sure don't do things half-heartedly. One case of writer's block is proving to be a very, very, extremely not nice case of writer's block. I am SO blocked, that I can't even imagine being unblocked, like people who have lived with a sickness for so long, they don't remember what it's like to be healthy. This is terrible. Maybe it's the weather? I'm in Delhi at the moment, and save a couple of days of lovely, cool weather now arid dryness is everywhere. And of course, Bombay is like swimming through the air. Which would you pick? Mind-blowing humidity or dry, waking up every morning with a parched mouth heat? I don't have much of a choice clearly, because next week I'm going to swap dryness for wetness and yeah. At least, with the free sauna everywhere I can take off a little of the holiday weight I seem to have put on.

(Which is great, because I think approximately a week after I return, JC will F-I-N-A-L-L-Y come back. It's about time, no?)

Anyhoo. What have I been doing lately? A lot of hanging-shanging, you know, just sittin' around with people and swapping stories and drinking and complaining about the weather. Nothing super-productive. I went for a couple of book launches and did my usual Sarojini Nagar recce, where, yes, I picked up some very pretty dresses.

(pink polka dots (worn to fun dinner and drinks sesh with Nayantara and friends), swishy orange halter dress (possibility to wear to Ai tonight, which I'm going to check out for the first time), white Spanish mamacita dress, purple oh-look-at-me-again-you-know-you-want-to dress and geometric pattern rust and beige halter dress)

(It also gave me a great idea for a new website. Hint: style, cheap clothes)

I've also been streaming great bundles of reality shows--began with America's Next Top Model, moved on to Project Runway, did a few episodes of Wife Swap and now I'm moving on to Gossip Girl. Fun right? I'm sorta working on a script right now, so I'm guessing all this will go towards firing off the creative process. Right? Right? God, I hope so.

(The friend who wants the script is coming to visit next week, and has promised to nag me day and night till all the work is done to his satisfaction.)

Anyway, this is just a quick update to tell you I'm not dead. And I'll be back soon, when this block lifts.


  1. i feel its because u r into many other things (book, script ... etc) these days and the blog is not exciting any more :)

    as soon as u find something exciting via blogs the block will go away. its all abt rewards u see! wish u a speedy recovery.

  2. I know all about a writing block, and it is terribly and tremendously frustrating!

    I would pick Bombay (not cuz I am forced to live here now) but any form of dryness is just intolerable.

  3. Gossip Girl was good in the first season... got boring in the second...

  4. oh do come back! we all miss eM, Miss eM. :-D
    and the dresses sounds ooh-la!

  5. What is this Ai place? I haven't been clubbing in Delhi since the smoking ban.

  6. yeah yeah.. happens to all, this writer's block thing... u hang in there and keep rocking.. Oh btw, if i haven't told u alreasy, ur book is incredible. had fun reading it!

  7. try

    its just starting out,so not sure whether it'll be of any help to you...

  8. "JC will F-I-N-A-L-L-Y come back. It's about time, no?"

    I dunno. What does the Bible say?

  9. ah... the block!!
    btw, how is the smoking ban coming along in India. I left the country the day after they started it, so no clue on it!!

  10. gossip girl is something we all rave about here in USA. the reality you wrote about are the corny ones. i hate America's Top Model, because i have no patience for Tyra Banks. Good to hear that you are well.

  11. hey there, long time lurker. Yaay! to JC coming back. By the by, I just got into this blogging thing and have written a note on asian/ indian women dating white men. Would love to hear your comments on that.

  12. Perakath: It's called Ai because when you get the check, you go AIEEEEE. Which is what it should be called - AIEEE. But they're too cheap to pony up money for the Es :P

  13. @Srini: But you can't always pick the humid ones over the dry ones. Agreed I'm biased, having lived in or near Delhi all my life. But would you trade Kolkata's sweating, dehydrating, humidity for Delhi's dryness?

  14. Crowley: I thought it's because the owners are Ozzy fans, but they're too cheap to pony up for more 'ai's: It should be called "Ai, ai, ai, ai..."

  15. The weather is the culprit..50% of your mind is is wandering where the water source or loo is..
    30% bitching about the sweat, dryness etc..
    the other 20% is all you have !...
    i guess its time we all start singing "Ghanan ghann" from Lagaan

  16. One of the better ways to get over writers block is to well, start writing, even if it may at that moment sound like utter crap! Soon you will gain some kind of decent momentum and then the words will flow.

  17. i think blogging is what keeps my mind awake. blog more and unblock your brain. anyway it was nice to see you posting on your blog after a short break......

  18. You know, if I were you, I would prolly disappear and re-appear.New Name...New Blog..New set of things to write about..New Identity..blah blah..You get the drift.

    Like, Just to see if I can do it all over again. Be the coolest blog on the block n all..

    And then, when the whole world, its mallu aunt and its sister gets there..I'll disappear again. And reappear...And then..

    Go go...Vamoose.Restart. You'll never hear about blocks again..writing or otherwise:-)

  19. A long gap post ...comment too...why u are lagging?

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