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10 June 2009

Short and sweet, just like *ahem* some people I could mention

This is just an update post, really, to point out to you some interesting things that have gone down recently.

First of all, I'd like to point you in the direction of a very interesting deal that's going on on Twitter. Started by Samit, a bunch of writers, previously published or otherwise, are engaging in a race to finish their novels first. You can find the whole thread here with live updates. It's most fun and most motivating, especially for me, because I have 3000 words of my next magnum opus all ready, but those 3000 have been sitting and stagnating in my "writing" folder forever. This should help me get off my ass a little, huh? It's turning into somewhat of an internet phenomenon, and I'm throwing it open to you guys, anyone who has an unfinished project, jump in and compete. The prize? One finished novel. You can find an updated list of participants over here and the Facebook page over here.

Second, I got a rather interesting email today from Michael of Whoogaau. He says: "I just stumbled upon your site and I’m not sure if you’re interested but we created a gift card for your readers which gives them $30 to spend at our store. All your readers need to do is visit our website and enter the code THECOMPULS into the cart. We ship to all countries and there are no conditions." Well, thanks, Michael! I guess this is a publicity thing, but still, it's pretty neat that you get a gift certificate. The site makes Ugg boots, for which I have no use in this hot and tropical city, but be sure to go on over if you're interested and let me know how the experience goes. Free stuff is awesome!

Thirdly, I'm going to be live on radio in Chennai, between 3 to 4 pm tomorrow, talking about blogging and so on. The channel is 104.8 and the show's called Live Cafe. If you have any pressing questions you HAVE to ask, tell me in the comment section today so that I can make sure the host asks them.

Okay, that's about all that's new. Have a good Wednesday!


  1. Hi... your blog is different now... earlier, you wrote about yourself... now it is all about what you are doing. You are not personal anymore. Is it 'coz people know your identity or 'coz you are in a steady relationship now... please enlighten.

  2. eM you r gonna do a show on blogging on radio. Thts gr8 !

    I want host to ask the question about the credibility of the bloogging content. Shud we blv on content available on the blogs ...........? Bcz blog is not limited to personal diary, today ?n

  3. Hi Em...

    It would be nice to know more about your journey from a blogger to an author. Especially the early days. What were the driving factors behind blogging? How may people then, knew your real identity??

    Now that you have a published book now and as a result you are no longer incognito. Has that brought about any changes to the content you put on your blog? Do you still feel the same passion to blog, now that you have another creative outlet??

    How on earth did your blog become as popular as it did. Did you make any conscious efforts to promote your blog?


  4. Tried clicking the shopping link but it didn't work. Is it working for anyone else or is just me?

  5. Bride: Fixed it, it was a double link. :)

    Zillion: thanks!

    Buls: Ah, a combination of many things, I think. I mentioned it in a previous post as well, at 27 I feel less inclined to write about my love life in all its detail as I was at 22. What I write about is still my life, just the other aspects of it.

    Newsy: Thanks! I'll mention that. :)

    Meanders: Wow.. those are a lot of questions for a two minute segment! I'll see if I can work them in.

  6. F**k, I was so pleased at the thought of free stuff... but boots? Can't they just give us the thirty dollars??

    My friends in Madras are going ga-ga over this 104.8 FM. Y'know, English radio and all, in the land of The Hindu. I'll tell them to listen in.

  7. Wow..that Twitter-bookwriting-thing is cool! I have an unfinished one at 10000 words...lets see if this "Write bugger write' force works for me!

  8. Em..u hav subscribed ADSENSE on ur much money u got from ADSENSE and wat are the potentials?Please include this one on the radio show..

  9. Hugo, boss, I can answer that for you. Adsense has no potential. You may make $100 over three or four years, if you're lucky.

  10. Pl do tell the host to thank you too. :) writers do far more than just put some words down as creative outlet, though unintended it may be. Some of the best things in my life have come from pages of books and blogs :D ... Have a great time and do let us know how it went.

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  12. Hey eM,
    I don't think Cope would've approved of you posting her poem like that. She has rather strong views on the subject:

  13. If you still can- can you talk about how blogging has truely opened up the avenues for the young and has rightly established as a way to free speech and how much of the governmental control should really be there... (Don't do it if its way to contraversial) have a great show...

  14. Hm. Interesting title there. Just thought i would mention.


  15. Have you seen the tv show one of the characters plays a "Confessor" and she is pretty compulsive about it too. lol, very nerdy show, I just stumbled upon your blog and decided to write something.

  16. Lol... Ugg boots?
    Ne, you MUST MUST MUST go live on radio in Hyderabad. Please?

  17. That’s cool!!! May be you can get the recording and add here for all the non-chennai-kars to listen!!
    That would be wonderful!!!

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