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4 August 2009

Think of this as a NOTE not an actual POST

* I'm going to Goa tomorrow!

* I've been ill with the flu and it's been NASTY, but on the plus side, even my maid says I've lost weight. Hurrah for the wasting illnesses!

* I've started a new blog, over here, which I'm very excited about.

* I'm up for a Golden Quill award--please go vote for me. I've never won anything *sad face*

*Did I mention I'm going to Goa tomorrow? With JC and Small and another friend, Bulbul? I love Goa in the monsoons. Sigh. This should be a fun recuperation.


  1. How do they shortlist books for the Golden Quill award? Because there's no way a book like Pink or Black, which is just a piece of vanity writing, should be on that list.

  2. you know, i have NO idea about the selection process for any of these things. maybe it's a sales thing?

  3. Hey...get well soon you! Am sure Goa will be a nice push along that direction :) Just back from Pondicherry and it was hot but awesome!!!

  4. Whoa... who put that long list together... Sea of Poppies along side Krishnaa's Konfessions???

    I mean we have some really nice writing there and some tripe...

    BTW... your new blog is cool... but does not allow comments... deliberate???

  5. Enjoy Goa. And get over your flu soon.

  6. still ironing out some bugs with the template. fixed the comments though--should be working now. :)

  7. Even though most of the shacks are non-operational this time of the year, Goa is gorgeous in the monsoons. Nothing beats guzzling Kings beer with butter pepper garlic prawns on the beach! Do get a foot massage (Rs. 100 for a 30-minute session) right at Baga beach!

  8. goa will certainly fit in as recuperation and more :) congrats on the shortlist. best wishes for your new blog. and other than weight-reducing illnesses you can also make a trip up north and try melting in the heat. its the no rain no gain weightloss mantra.

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