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27 October 2009

Why I am like a woman who has been married for a hundred years EXPLAINED!

Welcome back to question time! It's time for me now to take part two of the questions (and don't worry, I'm not going to stretch this out forever, this will be a three part post. Part one here.) Anyhoo, has been a pretty slow week. I spent most of it watching Scrubs, my new obsession.

Did one garage sale (see photo) which went swimmingly, as in, I sold most of my clothes and luckily, the ones I didn't sell were the ones I decided to keep in the end anyway*. Happy ending. Also bought one white, long, racer back summer dress, two pairs of shorts, one long black stretchy tunic, one black shirt with cut-out embroidery and one CD collection that I used to have somewhere in Delhi but can no longer find. Plus, made a profit, but THEN my car got towed and I spent most of it getting it back. Oh well.
(*including the colourful halter top you can see in the picture)

On to the questions! Lalalala.

First! From Pesto Sauce, who asks, "Tell me when is your second book coming out?"

Heh. Something both you and I want to know, my friend. Here's the good news. The book is happening, slowly but surely. I have approximately 15,000 words done (and I'm aiming for a 100,000) the characters are shaping themselves well and I have a good idea of where the story is going. The bad news is that discipline comes and goes, and there are some days where I do no work at all. But, rest assured, the first draft should be done by my birthday (which is mid-December) and after that, inshallah, we shall figure out the rest.

Second, from Jo (who hasn't enabled profile views so no link, sadly), who asks, "So tell me your difference in passion about blogging over 5 years?"

Good question, Jo. Goo-hoo-d question. I think I've mentioned this before, but being a freelance is pretty much living in your head all the time. Which means some of your dear-diary thoughts get verbalised during the day, even if you're just talking to your cat. Which means sometimes a blog is extraneous. OR, if you're struggling with three deadlines that you've put off till the last minute it means that the last thing you want to do in your free time is write some more. The passion? Has somewhat waned. We are like an old married couple now, me and my blog, and sometimes we have great sex, and sometimes, well, just a kiss on the forehead suffices.

And, almost a follow up question, from Touche, "Your frequency of writing would have windled from day zero to present...but still there is something which makes you go on and on. What drives you to do that?"

I guess, to continue with my old married people metaphor, because at the end of the day I come back to something I love. And blogging combines two things I dearly like doing--talking about myself and writing. It's win-win! (Yes, I'm a narcissist. Yes, most writers are, if you scratch the surface. Yes, this is also the reason I would never date another writer.) I like blogging because it keeps me connected, I can ramble on about various things in my life and because, well, it's sort of fun, no?

Another Kiran In NYC asks, "have you ever regifted a gift?"
Y'know, mostly not. Presents have a sort of sentimental value for me, I like all presents, even if I barely know the person that gave them to me, so I keep LOADS of things I have no use for. What I do do (hehehe.. doodoo. I am a five year old today) is buy something for myself and regift that. So like a book I got for a journey, or a top that doesn't fit, things like that. But those are only courtesy gifts, given when I'm going somewhere where I don't really know the host, but it's polite to take something anyway---like a friend of a friend's thing or something. And everything is new, it's not second hand stuff, so don't be scared if I give you a present!
I think that's it for today, check back again for part three, coming up soon!


  1. Must say I am really honored that my question has been answered, that too the first one. It really gives a high to get mentioned on a popular and wonderful blog like yours

  2. Pardon my ignorance.Would you?What's a garage sale?I have no idea and heard the term for the first time.

    eM time to spice up the marriage,no?

  3. PS:I can't make money from my cell while tweeting.It says not in the target country :|.
    Booooohooooo!They are being partial,they like you and hate me.I am from India too,oh listen!

  4. Here's my question: Before /while you were writing your first book, did you have any doubts about how it would turn out ot be? And doubts like, want to stop it alltogether type doubts? Like 'Are you doing the right thing?', 'Are you capable of something like this?' and 'What if it dosen't happen at all?'.

    Opps.. too many questions rite..but plz answer..

  5. Garage sales in India too? Nice!

    I must have missed the memo..wasn't a thing called that before 3 years as far as I knew.

  6. Mind blowing metaphor that old married couple.Hmmm.i feel writers are the most i wish i had right words @ right time @the tip of my tongue, be it to snap back to enemies or to let my loved ones know how special they are to me.:)

  7. My question:

    If you were a fruit/vegetable, which one would you be? :-P

    Also, I know you've already spoken about it before but if you absolutely had to pick the single best thing about being a writer, what would it be?

    By the way, yours was the first blog I ever read (bang in the middle of exam preparations. But I passed) and it is still my favourite. Keep writing!

  8. The questions go:

    Aren't there days when you feel like damning everything to hell and running away?
    How do you deal with a bad haircut that makes you look um...UGLY?
    Isn't Tom Felton cute?

    A bit reminiscent of exam papers, but hey, I'm 15, a student and OVERWORKED. Sigh.

    And the haircut is REALLY ugly.

  9. Hope Q&A is still on. When did you start smoking, your favourite and regular brand?tried verve?reaction of parents to smoking:)?

  10. Hey, I heard you on npr! Good to put a voice to the writing...

  11. it's brilliant how you keep ur followers engaged... :)

  12. Hey eM,
    my question is "have you, atleast in your intial days, been asked not to write about something.. something thats related to the family or your private matters, if so what was your reaction?"

  13. what do you reckon makes a good writer. a lot of experiences, with a mind to absorb it all? or simple imaginativeness? (i know the word doesnt exist, but what the hell, i aint the writer here :P)

  14. So, you went to a boarding school, right? Given the opportunity, would you go back and change that, as in, would you rather have stayed at home with your parents and been a day scholar?

  15. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I heard you on National Public Radio yesterday morning while driving to work on the program that was discussing Indian obsession with skin color. It's one thing to read a person but to hear them out of blue on radio is amazing

  16. Was it your garage sale that was held in Zenzi? I could hold a second-hand book sale given the lack of space at home.

  17. Once upon a time little eM had a blog.And then she grew up and forgot all about it while her loyal readers had still not stopped hoping.Familiar?

  18. Now that you have a steady boyfriend do you miss being single?


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