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12 July 2010

Clothes maketh the girl

Inspired by Swasta Ani Masta, here are some pictures of stuff I bought recently.


clothes 001

I love, love, love the Simpsons. This Maggie t-shirt is soft and worn looking and feels lovely. Also it makes me look very nice and skinny. I like clothes like that. Scored for Rs 50, off one of those little cycle stalls on Hill Road where the guy yells, “Fif-tee, fif-tee, FIF-TEE!” and the other guy tosses loads of t-shirts into the air and there are women shoving you and rummaging. My trick is to go by feel, so I grab and if I like the material of what I grab, I pull it out and look at it. Quicker, and usually gets me some really nice stuff.


clothes 002

Everyone needs a plain black cotton skirt. Especially for period-y days, when you want to look pretty, but your pants just make your bloated stomach look all that more bloated and you feel blah and your thighs hurt. THAT is when you’re like, oh look, my long, black cotton skirt! Let me add my pink tank top and I will not look period-y at all! Yay! (I think ahead like that.) Scored for Rs 150 from another little shop on the pavement on Hill Road, next to a stall selling underwear. This skirt stall had some GORGEOUS Zara tunics, but alas, all much too big for me.


clothes 003

Checked playsuit, which I SWEAR looks better on than off. See that elastic waistband near the bottom? Well, you sort of pull the top down so it hides the waistband and stick your hands in your pockets and voila! You have the cutest summer outfit ever! I was a little sceptical about playsuits, I admit. It was all too “what am I? Three?” for my liking, but then I saw this one, and I took it home and tried it on, and oh my god, you guys. It is SO flattering. Especially for someone short like me. It actually lengthens my legs and gives me the impression of actually having a longer torso. The only hitch is that it has no zip or anything, so you have to crawl into it. Scored for Rs 200 at the little shop near Elco.


clothes 004


clothes 005

Gorgeous, gorgeous dress, and just look at that fancy back. So you’re all like, oh, look, I’m in a summer dress and then you turn around and hey, it’s backless (practically.) I like the colours on this one particularly. It’s a little long, but I’m going to wear it with my calf length silver glads or my black wedge heels and be the belle of the ball. Or the wherever. It has a lining, so you’re not all panties showing, and it is so pretty, I’m dying to be asked to some nice monsoon house party so I can swish around it. Scored for Rs 250 at the same shop as the playsuit, and I saw loads of the same all over Hill Road, so just look and you should be able to find it.


Shopping is one of my favourite forms of exercise. What have you bought recently?


  1. Hi eM,

    Although your post included complete girly stuff this time, so can't comment much. But this did remind me of Janpath, where we used to hunt for solid deals. Brought back good old memories.. :)

    Ciao.. Keep writing !!!!

  2. All girls of the world unite in shopping malls

    Guess buying stuff at cheapy rates gives a thrill, I really miss Sarojini market here

  3. Your recent posts are making me all nostalgic, I used to Love Janpath when in Delhi and now I hate shopping because I don't have the slightest idea where to shop in this strange country of skinny, faded jeans, and it's not like I'm skinny or anything!! lol

  4. Ooh...I bought a very similar blue dress...though it doesn't have such a sexy back. 300 bucks at Safina Plaza, Bangalore. And am desperate to do brunch.

    And I bought a black playsuit...which I'm never wearing because I look wierd in it :-( (And I'm tall and have good legs...I think)

  5. What i want to know is how does one pee in a play suit??

  6. dont have an expertise over clothes esp female ones....but all of those in in ur blog looked fab n funky :)

  7. Ooh I own the same Maggie Simpson t-shirt! Wear it all the time. :)

    Causeway is utimate.

  8. funny thing.. i'm wearing the maggi simpson t-shirt right now..
    P.S: love your blog..

  9. Ooh, what fun! SHoppıng the markets here ın Nakare ıs great too...twenty lıra goes a long way!

  10. I don't know why,but i like any kind of stuff you write in your blog !! luv your blogs!

  11. OK. I have a question. But before that, I love all the outfits you posted. Very summery and pretty.

    Ok, now to my question, which I ask because I have read your other "frank type" posts and this doesn't seem so bad in comparison. Also, because I have tried googling the answer to this and I cannot find anything. Soooo... when people wear a jumpsuit, its like wearing a single piece swimsuit, right? In the sense that how do you go shi-shi? Not trolling or anything, but thats the only reason I avoid both jumpsuits and 1 piece bathing suits. So just curious to know how you deal with that situation?

  12. Quite liked your header image and the blog title!

  13. Everyone who's asked or is wondering about the susu situation vis a vis a playsuit, the answer is yes, you do have to take off the whole thing top down, which means if you're in a tiny bar bathroom as I was yesterday, it was lots of pretending I was a Russian acrobat with the bending of my arms and the wiggling. But it's still so CUTE! Sigh.

  14. Nice! I loved bargain hunting in sarojini market on a visit to delhi too. Oh and the glorious mumbai/dilli street food!Streeting is the best!
    Maybe you shld put up pics with you in the clothes so we'd see the way they look better or like the way the outfits albeit designer ones are displayed on this blog

  15. how do u understand what the person above me says?

  16. I am in love with the black skirt plus the blue check top..!!!!!! Everyone MUST have a black cotton skirt. Truer words were never said..!!!!! :)


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