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29 September 2010

Stuff and nonsense

While I am delighted at the spread of my last post (the more people who know, the better), I was also getting sort of sick of seeing his face pop up each time I opened my blog, so it’s time, therefore, for a new post! Boy, I’ve had one hell of a crazy week. Two things crossed off my life list, if I was one of those people who had a life list.


I seem to have become a book launch-er. That is, someone who launches books. You know, the person sitting all calm and collected next to the author, offering questions and little insights, selling the book where the author may be too shy to. It was a sort of odd experience for me (one book done last weekend, another next week), because for the first time ever, I was sitting in a bookshop, by the microphone and not talking about myself. Wow. I know, right? Narcissist, much? There’s a trick to launching like anything else, and in this case, I’m going with the funny. People like to laugh, people like to laugh more when you provide some gentle humour, allow them to feel connected with the author, and at this point, they were sort of my audience as well. Plus, when I got out of Crossword, I noticed they had very kindly placed my books up front to sell as well, so win-win.


Then, I judged a debate. This is something that was a little hard for me, because a) I’m all about the non-confrontation and b) I sincerely believe that I’m going to be one of those parents who keeps telling their kids that LIFE is not a COMPETITION, that EVERYONE wins and so on. Sadly, when you’re judging, someone has to lose. The first team that we declared the losers, were very nice about it, came and shook our hands with grace but the second team, DUUUUUUDE, if looks could kill. They stomped off the stage, without even looking at us and I felt terrible. So not judging again. Unless I’m judging grown ups, where everyone has to smile big even if they feel awful.


This week, I’ve also been meeting loads of new people. Yes, it’s tourist time again in our tropical city, and that means that the next few months will be filled with activity and new people and parties for any random excuse. Good times! But that also means my self imposed deadline (finishing book 3 by my 29th birthday) is going to be harder than I thought.


Oh, also, I went to this art gallery thing all the way in Chinchpokli last Friday. We were supposed to go for the show, but after driving around for a couple of hours, missed the art part completely, and found ourselves just in time for the after party. Which was BRILLIANT. It was in this furniture store, sort of like a warehouse, hidden away unless you were looking for it, lights and candles everywhere, rose petals, throbbing music, and men walking around offering you cotton candy or popcorn. And, er, wine, of course. I had the best time. Now that’s what I call an after party. But if you’re looking to see the show (which I believe was very good) here’s a story a friend did about it.


Also, because of growing demand, I’ve decided to have the Grand Creative Writing Workshop II. Specifics, as before: three hours of intensive writing and critique, some writing exercises, and tips on how to get published and the best things for your career as a writer, all for a bargain price of Rs 1500. I’m thinking Sunday, October 3rd, so email quick: thecompulsiveconfessorATgmailDOTcom if you want to sign up. (I realise it’s short notice, so if there are enough people wanting to make a case for October 10, that’s next Sunday, I’ll switch to next week.)


  1. The workshop is in Mumbai, I suppose? Sigh, if only I could make a quick trip to attend!

  2. > I sincerely believe that I’m
    > going to be one of those parents
    > who keeps telling their kids
    > that LIFE is not a COMPETITION,
    > that EVERYONE wins and so on.

    Unfortunately in life, there IS a second place, and coming second means that you're the first person to have lost.

    After all, there are those who flip burgers while there are others who can't decide on the length of their yachts. Life does not give you a medal for participation. And if everyone won, we'd all be happy mutants.

    Great blog, btw. I really enjoy your writing.

  3. Hey just one quick doubt. Did you happen to be one of the judges at Debating Matters India?!


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