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2 September 2010

We discover a new TC

So JC is here and since I don’t feel like dissecting my relationship for the internet today
(plus, I’m not sure where this is going, plus, I’ve always been great at NOT talking about whatever I don’t feel like talking about, plus, just call me Cleopatra, queen of denial.) Anyhoo. This a good moment to talk about my new favourite bar, which people who know me in real life are already kinda sick of.


If you’re on my Foursquare (and you’re probably not, because I’ve been reading all those Foursquare stalking stories, so I only approve people I actually know)  then you might have noticed that I am now the mayor of WTF. Not like literally the mayor of the state of being in constant what-the-fuckery, although I’m sure I have that covered too, but I do go, at least a couple of times a week to this new bar by Khar Station called WTF.


Now, my friends and I have been going to WTF since it first opened a couple of months ago. It began out of default—all the other places we frequented in Bandra were gone, and we got sort of bored of Toto’s. (Also, I think I’ve listened to all the retro I can handle for a while. Now my music of choice is jazz or alternative or fusion-y stuff.) Anyway, so back in the day, WTF was completely empty except for us and this other guy who’s always there, so we always had ample seating choices. My favourite was the sewing machine table, but I also like the charpoy. It has an outdoor section which means you can smoke to your hearts content (yay!) and the PRICES! Dudes! Sooooo cheap! It’s almost the same prices as Janata, but nicer atmosphere, you know?


I even took my mum to WTF while she was visiting and while she wasn’t too impressed with drive in (it’s sort of shady) the place itself was met with great approval. They only do bar snacks at the moment, and for the longest time they didn’t take credit cards, which meant you had to carry cash with you all the time. (But like I said before: CHEAP! which means not much of a dent in your wallet.)


Anyway. I wasn’t going to write about it, to keep it my little secret, but of late, WTF has become the place in Bandra to go. I run into people I normally only saw before in Zenzi or Olive, the outside section is completely packed by ten, people are actually dressing trendy and another adda goes down the drain. But I still go. I go by 9 so I can get a table, I go in a ratty t-shirt some days, I order my drink, I sit wherever (the waiters now know me, which is awesome) and I watch the world come to me, instead of me going to the world.


  1. Are you sure you've found something that beats TC? Thanks to your blog, I'm dying to go check out TC (probably the only thing that invites me to Delhi).

    Nice post, straight from nowhere! :)

  2. Okay enough lurking ;) I hope everything turns out with the way you want with JC. Take care eM.

  3. "the mayor of WTF"-that is such a great line:-]

  4. Have heard good things about WTF too...shall definitely have to check it out the next time I'm in town.

  5. Have heard good things about WTF too...shall definitely have to check it out the next time I'm in town.

  6. i think its so hard to go through your blog ,,,,that keep me interesting to check yours !!!!


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