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4 July 2011

This and that


Yes, I’ve been entertaining. But not much else really. I notice my posting significantly lowers in the summer time, I think it’s the weather, nothing really happens in the long months of June and July, and for energy levels to rise (thus leading to something worthy of a blog post) it has to be rainy. Oh, Bombay.


But! This is to remind you I’m still alive, and while real life trudges along slowly, I’ve been up to, well, not much really. I finally got my at-home yoga instructor, a sweet young man, very earnest, who tells me whatever I do is a “good effort” and talks about “novel” (navel) exercises. I’m really liking the yoga, I feel like it’s helping me already, be a little more settled and all that.


In other news, I’m off to IIM Kozhikode to give a TEDx talk this weekend. The flight is SIX HOURS LONG, you guys. That includes a 7 am start time (which means waking up at 5) and two stopovers in Mumbai and Coimbatore. I’m glad I’m going a day early, because I cannot imagine speaking after all that flying. The weekend after that, I’m going to Cochin, for my grandmother’s birthday, so yes, lot of Kerala hopping over the next week. Anything’s better than Delhi’s deliriums at the moment though.


Never mind. I’m not wishing the year away, because every month that goes is one step closer to me leaving behind my twenties FOREVER (Dooooooooooooom) There are things people don’t tell you about turning 30, or almost 30 as I am in this gap year. For example, except for very, very rarely, you don’t get drunker, you get quieter. Drunk = asleep. It’s a true fact. By the time I’m on drink number six, I’m all, “Oh bed, I love you so.” Plus, energy levels are directly proportionate to how much you sleep. Gone are the days when I could sleep practically anywhere for a couple of hours and wake up all dewy eyed and bushy tailed. Now, unless it’s a bed bed, with pillows, the perfect temperature, darkness and quiet, I look and feel like a zombie all of the next day. Argh. You try and try to resist ageing, in fact, you might even look like you’re in your mid twenties, but your body will Not Be Fooled.


Life’s being life-y. Until more actually happens, posting will, in all likelihood, remain slow over here. But here are some pictures of fun times, to make up for it:


heritagewalk june 25 018

Little boy in Nizamuddin Dargah, shot on one of the excellent SRDC heritage walks in the neighbourhood.


june photo walk 004

Shot on the way to buy groceries one hot evening. The glass says: “Keep out” in a shiny way. Love.


  1. The "at home" pic reminds me of a pablo bartholomew and dayanita singh exhibition once upon a time. There is something about the pic that brings back all one imagined of India growing up.

  2. khudaya the two people who have commented on your post are Pind-wallahs! Not to be a conspiracy theorist or anything but hurry and get someone not connected to that garrison town (and all that it suggests) to comment here asap

  3. Well, to be honest, Bombay is being quite rubbish in the rain department this year. :/ So, I don't suppose you're missing much weather-wise.

  4. They say dat women get hornier when they're more than thirty which culminates at naughty forty :) So don't despair that ur turning thirty soon, the best may be yet to cum ;)

  5. Congrats on becoming a TED speaker, its a real honor

  6. Congratulations on being invited to speak at a TedX event! That's huge! Way to go, girl! :)

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  8. See what talks in Kerala, brings you - Marriage proposals. :D (see the above comment guys)

  9. Ooh, you're gonna give a TED talk! Amazing! Congratulations! And all the best, eM.

  10. Congrates!!!great going...

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