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11 August 2012

The once-a-month post that I've become so good at

"She has a blog," people say at parties, and I want to say, "Had", because I've never taken such a long break from this before, it almost seems final, like I'm not coming back. But I've hit my wall re: social networking, I've finally learnt what my limit is on sharing, and with my own Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest, and now the job and the social media that entails, I just can't share any more than 140 characters when it's not work-related. And then I thought, "Hey, let's be lazy! Let's put up my Facebook statuses here, and decode them, so you all know what I've been doing!" See. Genius.

From yesterday: Um.. perhaps I should've clarified if it is a dry day today. Is it?

Decoding story: I was having a party last night, my first since I turned 30. I had a big party for my 30th, while I was still 29, but on the day itself, I asked over about 10 or 15 people and I cooked fajitas and it went quite well. Plus, in the winter, my flat is cozy and cheery, in the summer it's all dum lights or everyone dies of the heat. Everyone does anyway, despite the lights, and there are always three or four people chilling in my bedroom, because that's where the AC is. Anyway, I got chatting  to a couple of friends, and realised I hadn't entertained in a bit, so I called over 10 people again, and ordered food for ten, and then realised it was a dry day, so all I had to offer anyone was.. vodka. Now, I love vodka with a purple passion, but I don't think everyone else felt the same way, because most people left early and my food is now filling up the entire fridge. Oh well, more for me.

And then this morning I woke up to open the door for my maid, and who should trot in but ol' TC, who apparently, I had locked out all night, but looked none the worse for wear. Him and I both spent the day in quiet reflection of our hangovers.

From last week: City of culture, city of calm, city of chaos, and now back to the city that is all three. Delhi, I didn't miss you a bit, but it *is* nice to be home.

Yes! I travelled like a regular globe trotter last month for two. whole. weeks. Here's what happened: I had been planning this Paris trip for AGES, and by the time I finally got the funds and got around to booking my ticket etc, there were ten days to go, and I was practically vibrating with excitement. AND THEN, my travel agent says, "Uh, sorry, dollface, you can't go, because your passport isn't new enough." (She doesn't really call me "dollface" but it seems like she would, so, creative license). My passport was issued in 1999 and is valid till 2019, but stupid new Schengen laws say that you have to have a bar code scannable passport, and I don't, and so it was all very heartbreaking. With no time to get a new one, I stood weeping and bereft all over Facebook until Scout! took pity on me and invited me to Hong Kong.

Well, you don't have to ask me twice to go to one of the most exciting cities in the world and one I've never been to before. Here are some pictures:

Then, I flew to Bombay, where I met Mr. Good Thing, and we took the early morning train to Goa. I was taking a train during the day to Goa for the first time, and WOW, it is STUNNING. We took the "ghetto" chair car, no AC, rolled down--actually, pushed up--our window and enjoyed the monsoon-y bridge. We were both quite faded from our travels, so took many crick-necked-resulting naps, but it was totally worth it. We stayed in Goa for about five days and took a first class coupe back, thank you very much, also a first for me, and also quite an experience.

Then, I spent a couple of days in Bombay, catching up and feeling the city and getting back into the zone with work, and then to Delhi last weekend, and I've been immersed ever since.

In Hong Kong, I ate and ate and ate. Chilli Fegara was perhaps my favourite, a Schezuanese special place, also see above, the picture of the soup dumplings from a dim sum place. Also, we drank our weight in whatever was going around, and I think Hong Kong deserves a whole post of its own. Next time? I'm quite rusty, so this has been rah-ther ex-hausting, dar-lings.

But see? Still here, still confessing, although, compulsive might be a bit much now. How about occasional? The Occasional Confessor, who still loves you, despite being awfully remiss about the blogging thing.


  1. welcome back !!! i love ur writing,and will read it everytime

  2. Good to know you had a nice trip :) Looking forward to many Hong Kong posts!

  3. so you have a Mr.Good Thing happening...that much confessing is fine..


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