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28 October 2012

The Hallowarming Party

On the first day of Halloween, I gave to meeeee...

A brand new tripod!

Even though I have very good intentions, I usually only wind up taking out my camera at parties. And then, I can't use  most pictures because by the end of the night, my hands get all shaky and it's hard to drink and shoot at the same time, okay?

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know I love a good old fashioned costume party on Halloween.

If you're new, here are a few back links to Halloween posts.
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This time it was Halloween meets housewarming, so ta-dah, Hallowarming! And of course, I need a tripod for all the costuming. Especially mine. Behold:

I just bought the dress, my first online clothes purchase from KoolKart, which I'm quite impressed with.  I mean, it's a bit rummage-y, some stuff looks quite shiny and cheap, but if you scroll enough you can find nice things. The beret is the result of a trip to Paris when I was 19, and no, I did not wear it ironically when I returned. The make up was thanks to this online DIY tutorial.

Among other costumes I loved was Daenarys aka Khaleesi aka Mother of Dragons. Actually, that was just my favourite.

We also had a Sai Baba, a Manmohan Singh, a cowboy and an Afghan.

This morning, I spent a lovely day editing all the pictures in Pixlromatic, which now comes in a Chrome App and I recommend it highly, especially if you love the retro effect in your photos. A new trick I learnt today, run two filters one on top of another for even funner effects. Behold, part 2:
I kinda love my terrace. It's very basic, but quite high up for Nizamuddin, so you can see clear across other roofs to the dome of the Humayun's tomb. I put a lamp on, tossed around some mattresses and made a bar with my own two hands. (Okay, I put a piece of marble that I found over a couple of bricks and voila--bar!)

It was a lovely evening, the first party I've had in this house, and if you can believe it, the first proper party I've had all year. First I was book writing, then it was too hot, then I was super busy. And now social calenders fill up, so it's unlikely there'll be a free weekend again in a while, so it's good that I got in when I did. Also, my whole building is out of town for Eid, so no one complained about the drinking or the noise. Yay for timing!

Also, Honeybee Brandy proved to be a more popular drink than Old Monk OR red wine. Who knew? 



  1. eM, I love your outfit, and this isn't exactly the place to ask this but having recently moved from Bombay to Delhi I need your help: where can I get a good Brazilian wax?! I used to waver between Jean Claude Biguine and a little, less pricey salon in Bombay; I just need a clean, friendly place. Not too expensive. Help please?
    - longtime reader, first time commenter

  2. Shampoo in Meherchand Market, says a friend who knows.
    Geetanjali in Khan Market, say I, the often-lazy.

  3. what happened to the guest post on house helps?

  4. Hahaha lovely! Looks like you indeed had fun.

  5. Loved both the concept and execution of the pantomime costume!

  6. Hey I have a bone to pick with you.. Telling you right hooked to your blog and some days all i do is wait for a new post from u,,, please dont keep me waiting so long :-( xoxo


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