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7 December 2012

Cold Feet, Cold Feet, Cold Feet!

You guys, this is awfully short notice, but will you come to a little conversation and reading I'm having today in Defence Colony? I'm in conversation with Samit, who you all know I love--and in fact, this new book is co-dedicated to him (the other dedicatee is the anonymous (on this blog) Good Thing)--and the good thing about Samit and I is that we have very good interaction chemistry. So, the conversation will be fun, and knowing him and me, probably will have lots of giggling.

Unfortunately, the book won't be on sale today, it should be in bookstores by the 17th? (Which totally kills my goal of having three books out by 30 and not 31.) But you can preorder on Flipkart which delivers really fast, or Infibeam which takes a while longer but is cheaper. (Oh wait, both the same price. Huh. Well, just a matter of preference then.)

I also interviewed myself on Brown Paper Bag, which you can read over here. Asked all sorts of hard questions too!

Anyway. Today. Come.

5 pm ( but don't worry if you're running a little late, we won't start chatting till 6)

Barista, Defence Colony

Friday, December 7.

It would be lovely to see you all!


  1. No, no, Not fair!
    eM, you do have readers(cuz I hate saying fans),in other parts of India you know!
    You have got to tell us what happened...a typescript or whatever a written version of the interview is called maybe??
    Or a video??or how about you just tell us!
    - Crazy Blog(and Person??) Stalker

    1. Talitha, other readers (I hate the word 'fans' too!) I'll be doing other cities starting January. This is just a teaser, which is in Delhi, because I live here, and you know. :)
      PS: What city are you in?

  2. So short notice! I just saw the post. I wanted to attend. BAD.

  3. Really? Now? Just as I went back home in Assam for holidays, you spring this upon your audience? Will you be doing any reading in Delhi later on? Because then I'll know for sure my copy of 'You Are Here' will be signed and I'll carry it along with me to Delhi.

    Also, what's with the word verification siyappa? -_-

  4. Hey....will you be coming to Pune or Mumbai for a reading? I'll totally come!


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