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7 January 2014

Songs I bop* to

(I said I was going to blog every day, and goddammit, I'm going to do it till it becomes a habit, as natural as brushing my teeth before bed--which okay, really tireddrunk nights, I'd prefer that WASN'T a habit, but it's one you're grateful for the next day, when you wake up with a mouth full of cotton wool.  Here's a post on how long it takes to form a habit.  TL;DR? 66 days. That's two months of thinking "Oh shit, didn't blog today!" and writing something at midnight before it's automatic.)

 *the use of "bop" here is deliberate, almost self mocking, ironic, and made even more self mocking ironic by the fact that I'm writing about how ironic it is. Very meta. This is what happens when I write at midnight.

The Cat Came Back by Luca Lento

OBVIOUSLY I love this song because of all the cats, but I also love the crazy riffy jazz and the way it makes you want to chair dance the whole time. Also: you pretty much know all the lyrics after the first time you play it. This is an insanely catchy tune.

Can't Help Falling In Love by Ingrid Michaelson

The funny thing is this song, this SAME EXACT song used to be my very favourite when I was 12. Except that was the reggae UB40 version where it does this funny guitar and keyboard riff and he goes, "Take my 'and" very Jamaican. Now in my old age (TWENTY WHOLE YEARS LATER. Holy shit.) I'm drawn to the Ingrid version, where she almost whispers it. I would make a comparision between the way I loved then to the way I love now, but I think it's just a great song. Oddly, I've never found the Elvis/original version that enchanting.

Charlie Brown by Coldplay

This is the bit where I lose all creditibility with you, isn't it? I mean, I just went and put a freakin' Coldplay song in there. I know, I know. But ignore the artist and listen to the song. The chorus is BRILLIANT. If you're not about to press play, at least have a read:

"And my scarecrow dreams, 
When they smashed my heart into smithereens,
Be a bright rose bursting the concrete,
Be a cartoon heart.
Light a fire, a fire, a spark,
Light a flame in my heart.
We'll run wild,
We'll be glowing in the dark."

Think of poor Charlie Brown as you listen to that and I dare you not to come out the other end weepy and poignant.

SAIL by AWOLNation

Digging this song every way I can which means there are repeat playings all the time, and everytime someone asks me to play something on the car stereo (suckers), this is the one I pull out first to convince everyone of my excellent taste. It's blurry, high-def and addictive all at once.

You guys listening to anything good? 



  2. What a great idea to start blogging every day, and so far congrats on keeping it up! :o)

    Here's what I'm listening to
    - "Go Your Own Way" (the soundtrack to "Safe Haven") -- depressing but so goood. I like depressing music, sorry!
    - Emeli Sande, the full concert at the Royal Albert Hall - I love how you can feel her joy at being able to play in that venue. And I love how the songs are about love that works, rather than broken hearts.
    - Blessed by Brett Dennen if I have to give one happy song!


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