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13 February 2014

Month of Clothing Experiments

Spent an extraordinary amount of time thinking of what to wear and buying things to complete these thoughts this month. GAH. But, as the result of my labours, I've actually come out quite well with this experiment. Behold:
Experiment: Flats with pretty embellishments. Got these online, and I loved the stars and the ladylike shape of them. I thought they looked so delicate, and perfect for a summer evening. The problem with online shopping for shoes is that I always err on the bigfoot side of things, and so these are slightly large. But! Easy fix because the straps are hooks (making it easy to slip on and off in Bombay Shoes-Off Flats) so I just have to add a higher up hole.
My other concern is that when it is actually hot enough to wear these, the sole will be too thin to traipse around outside. Oh well. For those days, we have our faithful Havaianas.

Experiment successful (in theory. We'll return to this in May.)

Experiment: Leather jacket with a sari
Listen, I was a big fan of this look even though some of my friends took one look at me and burst out laughing. I was comfortable and warm, and the worse thing that happened to me was that the leather was too slippery to hold the pallu, so I had to do a wrap thing. I had a shit load of weddings this past month, and so was looking for ways to not be bored by the clothes. I chose this for a relatively chilled out function, and I got some compliments too.
I've also become a style inspiration for my mother who now wants to wear a jacket as sari blouse to her next thing. So there, mockers.
Experiment mostly successful except maybe not to a traditional wedding function.

Experiment: Skulls

I was attracted to so many skulls in my days of online shopping that I only realised it after I put another skull thing in my shopping cart and went to review the order, and there were all the skulls. I'm not sure why I'm going all Damien Hirst this season, but this one slipped through my Advanced Skull Checking System mainly because the eyes and nose are shiny studs. SHINY STUD SKULL!
I'm debuting this maxi t-shirt dress today to a design fair thingie, but since Delhi is still being a bitch about getting warmer, I've also got on thick tights and a polo neck liner. Oh well. People can admire my neck when it's warm. Meanwhile: SKULL.
Experiment successful. Yay skulls!

Experiment: New website

My friend pointed me towards a dodgy looking Chinese website (I can't share, I want to, but she swore me to secrecy. Boo) with ridiculous prices, and so I bought these two things just to see what they were like. Obviously, you get shafted in the shipping, which is almost as much as the clothes themselves, so not that good a deal, but still like super cheap. You're basically only paying for the home delivery charges from Thailand or China or wherever the clothes are coming from.
As you can see: more skills in these black leggings. And a reindeer dress which I have been wearing around town (minus the pom poms, which I cut off because: overkill) and having a good ol' hipster time. Now to order the rest of my stowed away shopping cart, as soon as some more money comes in.
Experiment: successful, except clothes might fall apart after a season's wear. Do you care? You do not.


  1. Skeletons in your closet, I see ;-) or may be just the skulls!

  2. Cool blog Meenakshi and the jacket looks cool. From writer to fashionista:)

  3. liked your article on yahoo. its rare for a long article to hold my attention. well written.

  4. I read you article on Yahoo and its quite impressive. Interesting topic or say point you made in that...
    I like it

  5. I really liked your article in Yahoo. You are a brave gal.I never had the courage to discuss anything like this..

  6. Read piece on yahoo. Just wanted to let you know that I've literally grown up reading this blog, and the trolls can really all go to hell. You're awesome and honest and in some weird way my initiation into my sexuality and feminism and I love this blog and your persona and even though I don't feel the same way about your writing now as I used to seven years ago, I will still buy all your books, cus loyalty BABY! :D Also, I met you once when I was very verrrrry drunk at cool chef cafe and told you that cold feet sucked and you were SO incredibly sweet about it and said you hoped i would like the next one better (i didn't, but ill still buy every book you write) that I just felt so terrible when I woke up the next morning, so sorry for that. Anyway, point is- you rock, trolls suck. :)

  7. Could the last person who commented (tcwriter) please repost their comment? Accidentally deleted.

  8. :) well, I said I think you should be wary of cheap clothes from third world countries because it is most probably a product of bonded labour.


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