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23 April 2014

Songs I Bop To: April Edition

(The earlier Songs I Bop To here.)

Wash My Hands by Kormac 

  This song is the sort of thing you imagine summer is all about--well, a late summer's evening, sitting on someone's terrace, the smell of the jasmine in full furious force. And you're not tired, but you're mellow, and you're chilling, and this song is on, and you're lying across the couch or bed or whatever and gazing up at the sky.

Spiegel Im Speigel by Arvo Part

Gorgeous piece of instrumental music, full of melancholy, and perfect for a long drive. The song swells and makes your throat hurt with sorrow, and it's kind of amazing. I don't know very much about classical music, but this song was part of a BBC 4 programme on music with a "powerful emotional impact." It does too.

The Sun Won't Set by Anoushka Shankar and Norah Jones

The sisters get together on this song, another lot of melancholy for the changing seasons. (I'm not sad, guys! It's just the kind of mellow music I've been into lately.) I particularly like this version remixed by Robot Koch, who I saw at the Magnetic Fields Festival last year. He was quite cool, and this song is too.

Titanium by David Guetta

Here's a chirpy song for you! Obviously, under you've been living under a rock, you've already heard this, but for me, this song sums up Bangkok last year, walking down a strip on Khao San Road, and hearing this song at various intervals from all the little roadside bars. We have a mondegreen of it as well, singing, "Ricochet, Chevrolet!" instead of "Ricochet, you take your aim."

What are you listening to? 


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