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17 March 2015

Life's a beach

We're in Goa, the Good Thing and I, and as always wondering why we don't just move here. The same arguments hold: neither of us has an office, Goa is beautiful and cheap, and we have good friends who have already forged the way.
So why not, we ask ourselves. Can we afford to hang on to our Delhi flat for emergencies? Will our cats adjust to travel and the move? Why not why not why not.
It's in the air. Just putting it out there as our goal for the year. Four to six months in Goa starting October? Why not?
Have any of you given up big city life for a chance at the slow? Have you moved with pets? Tell me all about it. Give me some motivation!


  1. My friend moved to Goa last year (she had a home there already) and pretty much hated it. Most places are dead in the off season, taxis are prohibitively expensive, and no-one understands deadlines. Also, surprisingly, some things were more expensive than Bombay and far more than Delhi.

  2. Goa isn't ideal for work but if you think you can pull it off, go for it. I once took a sabbatical in a small town for a few months, and I would never have returned if it wasn't for money and love. You have both those going with you so you should be fine. Off season shmoff season doesn't matter for someone who is truly seeking time-off from intense Delhi. What matters is if you can take the humidity and moss and general wetness of monsoon there.

  3. Two such different perspectives! But because I agree with Anon 2, I'm going to go with her (?) advice. :) Also schmoff season made me laugh.

  4. I'd say DO IT! I moved last September from Bangalore to Dharamshala and there isn't a day that goes by when I don't pat myself on the back for making the best life decision ever. Also, it's SUCH an incredibly different change of pace from a city. I feel happier, more peaceful, full of gratitude and far healthier than I've ever been. Favorite bonus of living in the mountains: I fit into size 28 jeans again after yeeears! :D

    Also small towns like Dharamshala, the people are just lovely. I got the added perk of being around Mcleodganj which many a traveller has described as "a tiny place that feels like it's outside India"...because it's full of travellers from around the world who end up staying for months and then return every year after that. I was a traveller who fell in love with the place too :)

    I think you should totally go for it. If you can really see yourself living in Goa, if you feel that intensely about a place, I say you should do it. Keep me posted on the thought process :)

    P.S: I found love too :D


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