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28 April 2015

Why am I still blogging?

Dooce, one of the blogs I've been following for the last ten something years, has quit to focus on other stuff. Back when we used to do this thing regularly, when blog meet-ups meant you actually knew everyone's URL, I had a lot more people I knew here. Regular commenters, I commented on other people's things, we met, we talked, we had an Indian blogging community.

Does it make sense to keep writing on this thing? What purpose does it serve if you're going to read me on other forums anyway? My blog gets the least amount of engagement now, if you consider all the other social media I'm on.

It's not about the money, it was never about the money, but we live in an age where if you have an opinion and an intelligent way to put it down, you can publish it pretty much anywhere. So all the stuff that you could save for your own blog, you'd put on other forums. And get paid for it too.

Why am I still here? Partly because I'm holding on with my fingertips to something that was once awesome, and that I believe can be awesome again. Partly because this is the only space which is all my stuff all the time, unlike Facebook or Twitter or Instagram which has other people's thoughts as well. Partly because after close to eleven years of doing this, I've grown accustomed to this place.

This may not be the future, in fact, I'm fairly sure this is the past. The blog as we know it is dead and it's time for those of us that are left after the great social media shakedown to see what new things we can do with it. If you're listening, talk to me.  

UPDATE: HOLY SHIT, THANK YOU GUYS! I am so, so touched with all the outpouring of good wishes. You're the best and you've convinced me. :) This blog isn't going anywhere: I'll stay if you will. 


  1. I've been following your blog for the better part of the last decade and I commend your efforts to keep this space alive and kicking while many others who I followed threw in the towel.

    Other social media forums can never really be a substitute for a proper blog - they come with too many distractions! I think a blog is, and will remain to be, a very personal interacting space between the blogger and the reader.

    As they say, keep calm and carry on, Em.

  2. Hey. I read your blog and actually opened it on the web to type this comment. Some of us don't follow you on every medium/app/platform to read the posts. Let this space continue.... one place where we can read everything

  3. I guess i am one of the silent readers of blogs, and have never commented on any other blog ever. However, i would like to tell you that i have been reading this blog for the past 4-5 years, and i love your writing. And as a long time loyalist, i'm glad that the your blog is still around

    Just discovered that you also have pictures in your blog posts, which never popup in the RSS reader i use (The Old Reader). Makes me miss Google Reader that much more

  4. I was nodding my head in agreement in what Anonymous said above. I've been reading you for close to 8 years or so now, and I've gone back and read every single post of yours on this blog when I was new here. We have never interacted beyond this space, but I've read your books (not the latest one I think). I think you're awesome and you should continue to put stuff here for a long as you enjoy it!

  5. Hello! I've been reading your blog since 2008, I think. I also met you once at the Jaipur Literature Festival and asked you vague, unintelligent questions about becoming a journalist. I did become one, eventually, and I kept reading your blogs, and also the books, columns, tweets. But more than that, I like going back to your archive sometimes and reading posts that were about more personal stuff. Everyone is willing to give you their opinion on everything under the sun these days, but it's the slice-of-life stuff that I always connect blogging to. I like to find kindred spirits online, and silently cheer them on as they go through life.

    - Kashika

  6. Exactly cannot recall when I had actually subscribed for your blog but I do keep reading regularly. (just coz not commented does not mean ppl are not reading). Other social medias have too many distractions. Please stick to your idea. This space is close to your heart and that is really appreciable. Lage raho Dost :))

  7. You should continue! Esp. the more personal ones that for some reason you seem to avoid recently. Many posts are actually motivating, even if not intended that way. The eloquence and the drama. Really engaging.

  8. Dear eM (am I've known you from the old blog..),
    I'd love to keep reading your blog, because its the only way for me to know people who are so different from me, who in my real world will probably never become friends :) We have too little in common, yet I love to hear your thoughts and views. Its the much needed diversity. Moreover I come here for book recommendations...

  9. I made my blogging account today, and i was speculating about the existence of blogging, found this post of yours, and after going through the comments, i now think it may just be worthwhile a hobby to blog. :)


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