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9 November 2015

We don't need no thought control: Berlin travel blog post 3

Yesterday was spent walking around a flea market where I bought a hat which I'm calling vintage but might just be plain old second hand. As you can see the weather is ridiculously amazing: sunshine, blue skies and no hints of the rain my weather app is forecasting direly. *touches wood*

This at Mauer Park, mauer being the German word for "wall" and all along this neighborhood and others, there are testimonies, pictures and text about the time the city was cleaved in two.

We spend all day on our feet. I've been walking upwards of 4 km every day and also several hours. Which may not seem like a lot, but when you're as sedentary as I am, by the end of it, it feels like my hip is going to pop out of its socket.

I learnt a new word which is so perfect, and I didn't even know how much I needed it until we met. Glotz. It's German for watching something mindlessly, like binge watching TV. GLOTZ. I love it.

My German is actually really coming along but I'm too shy to actually practice on people. However, I can understand a lot of signs now and it's sort of cool how it all comes together like a big logic puzzle in your brain.

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