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"A mesmerizing account of the well-known story of Matsyagandha ... and her transformation from fisherman’s daughter to Satyavati, Santanu’s royal consort and the Mother/Progenitor of the Kuru clan." - Hindustan Times

"Themes of fate, morality and power overlay a subtle and essential feminism to make this lyrical book a must-read. If this is Madhavan’s first book in the Girls from the Mahabharata series, there is much to look forward to in the months to come." - Open Magazine

"A gleeful dollop of Blytonian magic ... Reddy Madhavan is also able to tackle some fairly sensitive subjects such as identity, the love of and karmic ties with parents, adoption, the first sexual encounter, loneliness, and my favourite, feminist rage." - Scroll

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21 August 2017

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#repost @beautywithbooks • • • 🖌When we speak about Mahabharata, what comes to our mind? The Kauravas, the Pandavas, the gruesome epic war at Kurukshetra? Yes, in Mahabharata all attention is on these two battling sides. It will not be wrong to say that Mahabharata is a male dominated story with less appearance of female characters. They have always remained as less important in this great epic, with the exception of Draupadi ( and perhaps Kunti). But these women are Heart of everything that happens in Mahabharata. Meenakshi Reddy's (@decemberschild ) new series 'Girls of Mahabharata' is an remarkable work to focus on the women involved and their contributions in giving shape to the greatest ever epic of India, as we know it today. . 🖌This book focuses on young Satayavati. The story is narrated by Satyavati, swinging between her past and present in the successive chapters. The story begins with little Satyavati, then named Matsyagandha, being scorned by her adaptive mother and the turn of events, leading her to move out of house, to evolve as an attractive, brave lady to become to queen as she was destined to. With her charms and bold answers even King Shantanu bends on her cruel demands. The story also justifies her actions towards her determined demand to Shantanu. Prince Debabrata, later gets famous as Bheesma, takes the vow to never marry or bear children. . 🖌Mythology normally requires focused reading. But this book was just like reading some fairy tale story of a poor girl with a stern step mother, who finds her way out and makes her own destiny. More of a Indian version of Cinderella 😂😂 where the king didn't had to be young and handsome, where the poor girl moulded her own destiny with her own terms. The story is quick, engaging and a light read. Highly recommended for first time mythology readers. . 🖌Check the complete review on my blog (link in bio). . #bookreview #harpercollins #harpercollinsindia #bookphotography #booknerdigans #bookish #instabooks #booknerd #bookpron #photooftheday #photogenicbooks #fortheloveofreading #readersofinstagram #booksofinstagram #bookstagram #bookstagramindia #bookgasm #bookhoarder #bookaholic #bookaddict #bookblogge

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