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12 January 2018

Quick review: People Who Eat Darkness by Richard Lloyd Parry

Lucie Blackman, only a few years older than me, vanished in Tokyo where she had been working as a hostess in 2000. Obsessed with this book, it's even staining my dreams. Pictured here fittingly with a plate of sushi from a new Japanese restaurant we found in Anjuna yesterday, it's true crime but also a sociological text, it's someone else's life but it could have so easily been someone I know. In Delhi, we were offered hostess jobs all the time in college, hostess or "car show girls" and while it seemed a seedy way to make money to me it was always a little tempting. So much cash just to stand around and be friendly. But if any of those young women had been raped and murdered i can bet the cops would spin a long story about prostitution and what not. All this to say that you should read it! Read it! (oh also this is part of my #readharder2018 challenge I got from book riot which is fun to do.) #158in2018 #bookstagram #nowreading

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