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21 February 2020

Today in Photo

Winter is almost over so my fashion posts return! (I might be the only person in Delhi rejoicing about the upcoming Big Hot.) Anyway, this dress represents my Ultimate Sarojini Triumph. I mean it, guys, I have dined out on stories about this dress, I have used it as an example of what amazing finds there are to be had. Are you ready? This is a vintage crushed velvet... Oscar de la Renta. I bought it several years ago, but it no longer buttons up around the *ahem* chest area. There are worse places to gain weight, but it's just so damn inconvenient when your dresses are SO CLOSE to zipping up/buttoning and no longer do. Reluctant to resign it to the "I once wore this when I was young and thin" pile, I decided to put on a black slip and just wear the dress on top, unbuttoned, like a jacket with a skirt. My hair is very big just now so have put on red sneakers and hoop earrings and feeling very Cyndie Lauper which is ideal for karaoke night tonight. #whatiworetoday #streetshopping #reuse #oscardelarenta

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