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24 March 2020

Today in Photo

Since @janicepariat asked me for a photo of my writing desk with all the stuff that has meaning around it, I sent her like fifty THOUSAND messages about it for her own series (highlighted in her stories.) And then I thought I'd put up a post on my own feed and tag a few extra people also so we can see what working from home looks like to everyone. As for me, you know working from home IS working for me, this is how I normally live so my study is my office. I call it my growlery, British style, because I am often to be found growling in it. Things I love include: the desk itself, which took me through board exams & college crises before returning to me as a grown up, my beloved mechanical keyboard which I recommend to every writer, my laptop has stickers from all over the place, my "art" on the wall next to me, my chair used to belong to an ex but he left and the chair stayed and it is much more comfortable than he ever was. What else? The growlery itself was made out of the terrace bathroom and I chose this green as well as the flowered tiles for an Austen vibe. This might be my favourite room in our whole house, which is good because I wrote three books in it. I tag @ameyann @samitbasu @nayantarasood @samira.sood and @diksha_basu to post a picture of their #wfmworkspace. Is this how tag memes work? I guess we'll find out!

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  1. oh i just love your desk and room..thanks for the sneak a peak..


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