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21 November 2020

Today in Photo

When this whole situation started, I was an occasional cook. I dabbled from time to time and I was ok at it. Not bad. I enjoyed cooking as a thing I did every now and then, especially since I got my Instant Pot and pressure cooking became so easy. Besides it's fun to cook when you don't HAVE to, much like everything else. Well. It's been a long nine months without our cook/housekeeper and in that time, I have learned the joys of feeding both myself and the person I love. And I began to cook, not just for fun but also to, you know, eat. Which is not always fun and some days we rely on home delivery or something but I've gone from decent to competent. Especially Indian food which involves so many steps sometimes! It's like Indians hate women (Hmmm) so much grinding and roasting separately and rolling and frying. At least I have K who actively helps. But this is a recipe sent to me by my father, for Kundapur Mutton Ghee Roast, except the mutton has been replaced by unmentionable. It involves all my newly acquired skills: dry roasting, grinding separately, remembering to take the meat out of the freezer in time to marinade, pressure cooking, etc etc. It is a triumph (& it has enough ghee to give you a heart attack by looking at it) & i cooked it by myself. #cooking #gheeroast #covidchef

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