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"A mesmerizing account of the well-known story of Matsyagandha ... and her transformation from fisherman’s daughter to Satyavati, Santanu’s royal consort and the Mother/Progenitor of the Kuru clan." - Hindustan Times

"Themes of fate, morality and power overlay a subtle and essential feminism to make this lyrical book a must-read. If this is Madhavan’s first book in the Girls from the Mahabharata series, there is much to look forward to in the months to come." - Open Magazine

"A gleeful dollop of Blytonian magic ... Reddy Madhavan is also able to tackle some fairly sensitive subjects such as identity, the love of and karmic ties with parents, adoption, the first sexual encounter, loneliness, and my favourite, feminist rage." - Scroll

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19 December 2020

What I'm Reading

You know sometimes people ask you "so who's your favourite author" and then you scramble to think of someone and you say the first name that comes into your head, someone super obvious but later when you think about it you're like "actually what about the author whose backlist I'm gradually collecting, the one whose every novel is a treasure, whose name I will see on a spine and immediately buy the book regardless of back jacket blurb?" one of those authors for me is Rumer Godden. I love everything I've read. I love her style. And truth be told, I read this book on my Kindle which I love, but some books you want to OWN. Physically. If you know what I mean. Maybe I'm just old fashioned like that. China Court is the story of a house, and the stories within it, the people who've lived there and one old lady dies and one young lady comes forward and through it all, the house endures. I loved it but if you are new to Rumer Godden please start with one of my other favourites: In This House of Brede (set inside a nunnery, fascinating) or The Battle of the Villa Fiorita (family drama) or Miss Happiness and Miss Flower (kids' book about two Japanese dolls and a lonely little girl). Read them all, read widely, discover someone new to love. #chinacourt #rumergodden #120in2020 #bookstagram #mrmbookclub

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