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13 April 2021

Today in Photo

The language of love. I have a tummy ache. I say wistfully that I wish I had some curd rice the way my mum made it, I suppose I could order it in, I don't feel like I have the energy to cook it. He asks me how to do it, step by step. He creates it for me. I feel nourished both by the simple meal that's gentle on my insides and by this gesture. Better than red roses! Yesterday he made it again and this time we had to photograph how beautiful it looked. He's better at the curd rice than I am, it tastes just like my childhood. We used to pack it for long train journeys and eat it off steel plates. A recipe, if you want one: mix a cup of rice with a cup of curd, both cold, add salt and let rest. In a small tadka pan fry lots of garlic chopped small and mustard seeds. When the garlic browns, add karipatta and two slit green chillis, turn off the flame, pour over your rice and dahi and mix. Serve with your favourite pickle on the side. My trick is to not add too much curd, you want the rice to be sticky but not wet. #memories #curdrice

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