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21 June 2021

Today in Photo

One of the great joys of my post quarantine life is that we have access to K's mum's car, which I am now wildly in love with in a way I don't think I've ever been with any other car. It's a Mini Cooper! It's a CONVERTIBLE! and so despite the terrible heat wave we had (which is always weird, being hot in Europe, no?) we've been driving around with the top down, blasting music (lots of 99 Luftballons natch) and feeling very cool. This from yesterday when we daringly decided to go to the next village to have a DRINK in PUBLIC. Every place was ironically too crowded for our comfort so we settled on a small biergarten by the city hall (called the Rathaus which amused me) and K had a beer while I confused the waiter by ordering a vodka orange juice (the only non beer drink they had.) it was small, quiet, very basic and GLORIOUS. We had to fill a contact tracing form though which is apparently par for the course around here, a good idea I thought. Masks still on indoors but we sat on the patio. #minnaindeustchland #countrylife

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