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16 March 2022

Today in Photo

Vintage clothes (and second hand books, natch) are the best souvenirs. And now I live in a city where I can kinda wear a coat all year round (light summer jacket, hoodie, autumn coat to wear over a thin sweater etc etc) I've been longing for a trench. My Uniqlo heattech down jacket is GREAT, it's ridonkulously warm and has saved my life on many occasions but it's not what you'd call stylish. This old lady trench is from the 60s and I love everything about it, how I feel like Sherlock Holmes off on a mission or like Meg Ryan with her tiny curvy body under huge coats in When Harry Met Sally. It needs some TLC, seams are loose and linings are slightly ripped and there's a stain on the pocket which I hope will come out with dry cleaning but the shop girl gave us a 50% discount (K bought an ancient corduroy jacket too) so it was really a BARGAIN. #bargainhunting #vintageclothes #houndstoothtrench #traveldiaries #istanbul

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