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11 July 2004

Bridget Jones c'est moi!

Cigarettes: 1 (so far), Alcohol units from last night: 5, TV binges 1(so far, but the Friends repeat comes on in a bit so will have to change the number), Times reread Bridget Jones' Diary: several.
I found myself facing a huge sound system with a Dj for the second night in a row. And at private parties at that. You see, usually when I go for parties, they're small affairs. Someone's computer is blaring out music, drinks sit on top of a table, most people bring their own and you settle comfortably in your jeans and t-shirts into conversation groups.
Not so with these two parties. On Friday night, I went to my friend Puja's house. Puja died about two years back in a horrible car accident which made it to all the headlines, and we, her college gang, make it a point to keep in touch with her family as much as we can. So since her parents were having a party and it was her brother's birthday, it was a pretty fancy do. There was a DJ who started out playing pretty hard-core trance but when the adults (I mean, more adult than us) drifted to the dance floor, he played some great oldies. While Puja's mum made it a point not to serve any hard liquor in the room where we were, there was plenty of wine which we guzzled. K. came to Puja's for the first time, I introduced him to her parents and brother, but I really don't think I needed to. He's the kind of guy who is comfortable in every situation and by the end of the evening has made himself four or five 'new best friends'.
We were supposed to go elsewhere from there, but as it turned out it got rather late so we went home instead.
Saturday night rolled along and I was still pretty dehydrated from Friday. I don't get hangovers normally, but when I do they in with a vengance.My normal complaint is 'dry mouth', when your lips are chapped and bleed a little and your tongue feels furry and like it's stuck to the top of your mouth and you feel the world's problems could be solved with some water.
Anyway, I've said before that I'm going to Manali, right? Only, K isn't coming coz his college starts on Monday. So I'm going with a friend of mine called Ginny and her two pals, sisters called Ridhi and Sidhi. I wanted to spend some time with them before actually getting to Manali and wanting to gouge my eyes out because I had nothing in common with anyone, so when Ginny suggested we go for a party thrown by her younger brother's friends, K, Dhati and I tagged along.
It actually wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. We kept to ourselves in a corner, the music was nice enough, if a tad too Punjabi --- and if you're not Indian, you're probably not going to grasp what too Punjabi is, so never mind. And there was plenty of free alcohol, fancy too! with not just Smirnoff, but Smirnoff Twist and not just Bacardi, but Bacardi Limon!
So that was my weekend. How were yours?
And by the way, all anxious enquirers, Gale (my muse, see the last post) and I have resolved our differences! Hurrah.

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