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9 July 2004

Writer's Block

I've been on leave since Tuesday. This is no reason to stop blogging I know, especially since I only leave for Manali on Wednesday. But ah, that commonest of common excuses-- writers block.
I hate writer's block. Being a print journalist, it is a malady most of us strive to avoid. It's actuall pretty easy to avoid, when you're doing a story, because if you've done your homework, you have people's quotes supporting what actually happened and voila! You have a story.
Being creative on the other hand, isn't always easy. I bet ol' Shakespeare got writer's block as did Eliot. What did they do? Well, it was easier in their times to get away with it, I suppose.
I still believe in Muses. My muse is about as lazy as I am, she visits occasionaly, waves her magic wand of inspiration over me and vanishes. Never stops or stays for tea, or sits and chats about my future plans. Yup, they don't make Muses the way they used to. My Muse is called Galaderia, a good old family name, but being the modern creature she is, she wants to be called Gale, if you please.
I ask you, is any self-respecting Muse ever called Gale? I told her not to be silly, that it was too reminscent of a strong breeze and someone as "gentle" and
"inspiring" as her should never succumb to being called that.
Do you know what she did then? Sulked! She's as old as the hills, but is sensitive about her age, so we pretend she's a teenager. I'm hoping she'll stop sulking soon and pay me a visit, because it's high time I got out the 'novel in me'.
So a little compliment to Gale to end this post. She's intersting looking, my Muse is, with long purple-green hair, skin the colour of filter coffee and very large silver eyes. She is inordinately proud of those eyes, always fiddling around with my mascara to make them look bigger, or fluttering her eyelashes at me. It may work on the men she muses for (because these days it's hard to get an exclusive Muse, all to yourself, you have to share), but it makes me rather giddy.
So Galaderia, if you're reading this somewhere, please stop sulking and come back. I miss you, truly I do.
This is what most modern Muses look like.


  1. April, Hima, you guys probably already have Muses, which is what inspires you to blog at any rate! :)
    But you could always check out ebay or baazee, for more options! LOL

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