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26 July 2004

Friday. Saturday. Sunday

And now, ladies and gents, a recap of my weekend.
Blargh. Monday morning. Blargh.
Not like Sunday's are much fun either. I don't like Sundays coz usually I sleep the day away. By the time I wake up it's dark, I have a gummy taste in my mouth and my day is over. Plus it's boring having nothing to do!
Friday was super-fun at Turquoise Cottage. I keep bumping into my ex-boyfriend there. It was an amicable breakup so we're always very decent to each other. He was my 'older guy', working  when I was in college, always teasing me about what a baby I was, the one who introduced me to heavy duty making out (not making love though, I stayed a virgin till 20), the one who took me to a different nightclub depending on what day it was, who waved away my wallet when I offered to go Dutch and who (this still makes me cringe) introduced me to his entire family the week we were dating!!
So anyway, back to TC, he gave me a pat on the head (that's me, everyone's favourite puppy dog) and asked me about life. Then him and K. shook hands, nodded at each other and Z. (that's his initial) zipped off into the crowd.
After that I bumped into my one time best friend N. (Is she still my best friend? Can we really make up for those times she didn't come through for me? Is it worth kicking my ego around to approach her again? Does history together really matter all that much?) She smiled, told me she was moving to England to live with her boyfriend. I said, "Oh really, when?" She sighed and said she didn't really know. I asked her for the party on Saturday night. Pat came the Pavalovian response: "I don't think I can make it." I walked away.
My mum told me this morning that N's step-father has cancer of the oesophagus. Quite serious. He's a good man. Should I call her?
On to Saturday night. Dee and I had the party all planned out. She had the day off, I had a book launch, from whence I returned and cleaned up, thank you very much!
The house looked fantastic, we rearranged the furniture in the 'lounge area' pushing the coffee table against the wall to create more space and tossing a table cloth over it. That was the bar and the most important piece in our decor.
Though the party wasn't as large as we expected it to be (a lot of people called and cancelled) we still wound up having a good time. First we played drinking games (slow at first and then in earnest when the electricity went) then sozzled and swaying, we danced and sang. It was just the right sort of company-- all easygoing people, who liked us and liked to have a good time.
Now comes the big mistake of the evening. Ginny (remember her from Manali?) proposed we drive to the next state-- Gurgaon in Haryana-- which really wasn't as far as it sounds, and go to the Buddha Bar there. So we wrapped up and headed there, only stopping to let Ginny out to get into her friends car. Drunk and tired (this was 2 am) we staggered into the Buddha Bar, looked around for a bit and then sat down. (Well, Dee curled up and went to sleep on a couch, but that's a different story). Half an hour later, we decided to screw them and went home.
Guess what happened? Upon arriving in Gurgaon, Ginny decided she had a headache and wanted to go home. Her entire party went to drop her back. Jeez!
Phew, is all I'm gonna say!



  1. TC used to be a nice place... not any more though

  2. Busy weekend! Bumping into former company can be interesting, especially old flames. I can't say that I can relate, but oh well. Living precariously through you.

  3. Chirag: I still like TC for the retro music!
    Hima: Yeah well, zipping has its advantages anyway...
    Diego: Precariously? Don't you mean vicariously? LOL

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