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24 July 2004

Ob La Di

Wow, yesterday's list-blog seemed to be rather popular, certainly more comments than I've recieved for days! Thanks to everyone who commented!
My prettification of my blog contibues, check out the newly added FAQ section. I hope you find it useful. ;)
This weekend I'm super-busy. I have three (count 'em: THREE) booklaunches in the span of two days. I have to meet my 'Manali Gang' tonight for drinks at my favourite pub in the whole world: Turquoise Cottage.
(Why I like T.C: a)  It plays all the oldies from the '60's to the '80's, which I love b) It's cheaper than most places c) It has great decor.) Anyone reading this in New Delhi should certainly check it out.
I also have to in the meanwhile squeeze in working on the coffee-supplement that our paper publishes and that I edit, which means writing a whole thingie on 'Being Indian' as the next issue comes out around Independence Day (August 15: freedom from the British). Help would be much appreciated!
I have to co-ordinate a party, for which I still haven't invited anyone (Dee, if you're reading this, don't kill me!)

Ooh, I got my Manali pictures back from developing (yes, I'm one of those dinosaurs who still has a camera with actual "film"). I've got the sweetest picture of K. and my dog, Gudiya up on the "walls" around my desk. They're both sorta squinting into the camera, K. is smiling so his dimples show, Gudiya's looking like she's thinking, "These humans!" But in the Manali pictures I swear I look like a freak of nature. I just keep looking at them and thinking "Oh my God! Is that what I look like?"
Off to smoke. Will write more later.. I feel inspired today! 

EDIT: I've created a new blog! Please visit it here and tell me what you think! It's not a personal blog, though, so be warned.

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