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1 July 2004


The most totally spooky thing just happened to me. Out of boredom I Yahoo searched my name (Number 8 for Mynna by the way!) and then searched Minna, which is what most people know me as. Here's what I got.
The search for Stanford senior Christina "Minna" Sandmeyer ended Friday evening when the body of the missing student was found in Palo Alto's Foothills Park. According to police officials, a visitor to the park found the body approximately 50 yards down an embankment. Sandmeyer's identification, journal and bicycle were found nearby. No note was found. Authorities are completing the investigation, said Dan Ryan of the Palo Alto Police Department. Ryan said that the death appeared to be a suicide. Sandmeyer, a 22-year-old civil and environmental engineering major who planned to return to classes in September after a yearlong break, had last been seen July 13.
And everyone knew her as Minna...
Big deal you say? Here's what spooked me out. This happened in July. It's July now. She was 22... I'm 22! I mean, hello, can anyone else see the spookiness?

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