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3 July 2004

Everybody needs a summer holiday

First off, many thanks to Hima-the-lovely for the template to attach links to my page. At the moment there are only three, but I will go on adding to the list.
Secondly, hi! to my roommate Dhati who has just returned from Leh and who I've told about my blog obsession. She's going to log on for the first time today to see what I've been upto while she's been away.
Everyone meet Dhati. She's a little crazy, yes, but then so am I and we have lovely moments of total insanity together. Then there's her 'Monica-from-Friends' side, which is not so lovely, because it's rather annoying having people clean up around you. So, I guess you could say she's sort of a borderline schizo. But we love her anyway.
Anyway, enough about Dee (get your own Blog!), on to more exciting things. I'm on holiday from Tuesday onwards (yay!) for two. whole. weeks.
So my boyfriend and I are planning to go on a little trip to the mountains, maybe do some trekking (yech) and hang around in Old Manali, a lovely little hill station up in the Himalayas (nice). So that means I won't be blogging for sometime, next week. All two of my readers please stand notified!
Photos of the day:From the paranormal gallery.


  1. Hi Hima, I'm not leaving just yet! Probably Thursday or Friday so stay tuned till then.
    As for Dhati's 'addiction-starting', shortly after I posted I got an email from her. Check my links section. LOL!!!!

  2. Yes well, Myn, point on to
    This is so much fun! I love having an electronic presence...


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