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6 September 2004


Y'know, when I first began this blog I didn't think much of it. I have started blogs before, all of which fell through. Then it started becoming something of an addiction. I HAVE to blog almost daily, when I'm in an odd situation I immedeatly start phrasing it in my head so I can blog about it. (My name is Mynna and I'm a blog-oholic).
Anyhoo, as it grew from one post to eleven, it slowly became my pride and joy. My work in progress. My book that I've always wanted to write. And I started giving the address to people.
First to Dee, then to a friend of mine in Bath, then to N. And the other day I was chilling with some friends when I casually mentioned my blog and promised to send them my link.
And then it struck me. Oh no, what was I doing? The more people I gave the link to, the more chances there were that my carefully cherished anonymity would blow.
Already my friend in Bath is mailing me going, "Oh there's no need for you to tell me anything, I get it all off your blog." And N turns to me the other day and goes, "So you called K, huh?" And Dee was upset because something she was keeping secret turned up as the very first result on Yahoo search (damn them and their highlighted entries!)
So, no more giving out my link. From now on, besides the people I've already given the link to, I will stay happily anonymous. Amen.
PS: Out of curiousity how many of you have given your link to your friends and family and what were the consequences? I'd love to know ;)


  1. Most of my college friends know about my blog/journal, and the ones that matter have their own, but since mine is mainly about slash (that's really why/how I discovered livejournal in the first place) the family does NOT have the address. Nor do friends who don't know/want to know about slash. The fam knows I have one, but that's it.

  2. Hi! Almost thought you had stopped blogging (just kidding!). Can understand your viewpoint.I sort of figured that my blog stands the risk of dying a natural death if I gave it many friends and family.So, I have given to my sister(the only one in my family-and she hardly gets on the comp) and friends from school. So far-touch wood- no problems.Your decision is a good one- keep writing tho'! And if you change your website-lemme know.Ciao!

  3. Hey guys, Sorry for giving you all the wrong idea! I'm definitely not going to stop blogging, I'm just going to strop giving my address out to people I know... :) But anonymous people or people I don't know in real life are more than welcome to share the link! Now that that's all cleared up... keep posting!

  4. lol, reminds me of my predictament...
    my original blog url was :

    then some people i didnt want to give a peek of my life got it.. n had to change the url to my current one!! total reversal!
    i know what u mean by blog thinkin... i do it too!!! talkin to friends.. readin a book... crossin a street.. a particularly smart line crosses my mind.. n i immediately start plannin on how i'm going to incorporate it in my blog.. unfortunately i forget 90% of these comments n am left with very little (or no!) funny stuff to pack into my posts! :)
    nice place u have goin here

  5. Hiya !
    I know exactly what u mean !! During my freshie blog yrs ( i am now 16 blogs old :D, one of my friends casually mentioned something about Oprah Winfrey ...and I am sure I had a tiny weeny heart attack right there (oh i had written something abt Oprah ). I was so freaked out the entire night, I promptly went and changed my addrs . Except for my hubbs, no one in my immediate circle is aware of its existence.
    As for being a blogoholic, I blogged about it too :-D ...I actually feel I have a life now , when I sit and write about those mundane daily routine's, they don't seem so mundane anymore !!! And in the attempt of writing my escapades...I feel I am living life a little more 'in-the-moment' :-)

  6. i have been blogging for almost 10 months now...began in september...been on and off...but ALWAYS CAME BACK....damn its so addictive....

    The One Ring...


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