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8 September 2004

Revising Old Judgements (a serial story)- Part Un

I met lovely Dylan the other day (Okay so his name is not really Dylan, but I'm running out of creative pseudonyms for people and I have a picture of Bob Dylan pinned up on my cubicle wall). I was at a book launch, of a Delhi art curator who also happens to be part of the city's p3p brigade. (P3P stands for Page 3 people; page 3 being the standard newspaper page in most places on which all the parties are printed. Stories like this one happen all the time).

The art curator who I shall call, mmm... Shobha introduced me to her daughter Tanya, a young girl with such long hair that I instantly and defensively reached up to run my fingers through my short crop. She had two piercings on one nostril and a very wide smile and was wearing what looked like a halter top with a dupatta wrapped sari-like over her body. I had interviewed Shobha the day before for a story and it tuned out she knew my parents and all.

(My parents eloped before their "respectable" wedding, as a result of which my mum was stuck without any clothes. So she went to Shobha's father-in-law's house, Shobha's husband being my dad's batchmate, to borrow something to wear). And because she had seen me when I was an infant etcetera she opened up to me quickly and told me all about Tanya. Tanya is her only daughter and Shobha's mainstay in everything. Shobha's an art curator and Tanya studies painting in college, Tanya will whiz by to say hello to her mom and I'll bet my remaining three inches of hair that she's on a first name basis with all of Shobha's friends. Anyway so Shobha told me all this and went into how unfortunately Tanya was sent to this terribly strict convent and told me about this other pretty famous school in Delhi which she would have rather placed her daughter in. I said, "Oh no actually [Famous School] has a reputation for churning out potheads." Which is true. I can vouch for it.

So I didn't really expect to see Tanya the way she was. I was imagining a rather pudgy goody-goody with earnest eyes and, okay, conservative clothes. I don't know why this is important, but it just goes to show that you can never have preconceived notions. I have this one cousin for instance who thought I was an oily haired little spoilt brat just because she overheard me calling my dad 'Daddy' on the phone while she was on the line. Honestly!

Anyway, back to Dylan who was what this post was supposed to focus on. Turns out he's dating Tanya, right? And Dylan is sexy, very lean and intellectual looking with curly long hair, a little french beard now in designer stubble and a silver earring in one ear. And my friend who has dated him says he's extremely good in bed.

(To be continued...)
(And before you say I'm cheating, here's what you can expect from the rest of the recent update. No, Dylan and I DO NOT get it on, not even close but I will tell you more about him and K. calls with some surprising news.. stay tuned!)

EDIT: Blogger's been giving me trouble, I've been trying to post this damn thing for close to two hours now! Anyway, a quick ps before I forget, I want to get a tattoo of a dragonfly on my lower back.. if any of you have nay good images or ideas I could use, I would really appreciate it! :) And oh, yeah, preferably black and not coloured coz that looks best on brown skin...

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  1. dude, it's dee's cousin - it's been great re-living that night you wrote about (never will I forget the poshness of mirage and what followed...) Also, where is the night of the dinner w/ dee's parents et al?
    Anyway, I hope you are doing well my dear. Hope you haven't had any more encounters w/ the exes, and keep in touch (have you moved back home yet?) Also, met anymore hot boys there in delhi (if so, ship them over here...) I think you have my email, so keep in touch. take care my dear, and down a couple tequilas in my name. xo/


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