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22 July 2007

Dry mouthed and battling hangover, she wrote on, bravely

Finally, finally, FINALLY, I have the internet on my laptop. It's lovely. It's like the world's first internet. It's a Tata Indicom USB data modem, which means I can take it anywhere. You know what else this means? A) I don't have to go to a cyber cafe anymore and B) I don't have to depend on Shark Tooth being in town and using his laptop which is what I've been doing in the past. Coz he isn't in town. So these last few days, I've been surfing the internet with my cellphone. May you never be reduced to that.

I'm actually feeling slightly disoriented today. Not surprising considering I watched the sunrise through my window this morning once more. I've been doing an awful lot of that lately. It's nice watching the sunrise, being up that early (or late, depending on your perspective), there's a sense of newness and wonder to the world. About a week or so ago, I did the same thing, Saturday night leading into Sunday morning. An early breakfast at some hotel on Marine Drive, watching the joggers, and all the while glancing at my watch going, "Wow, it's seven am!" There's this sense of achievement in pulling an all nighter, you feel sort of pure and virtuous, even if you've done nothing more than drink all night long. Anyway, last night I had a sort of party, and quite a party it was too. At one point there were cops even. (No, not to tell us to quieten down but for another reason entirely, but that's not my story for the telling). There was so much alcohol that I thought I'd have plenty left over, but this morning it's all over. Except for lots of beer, which I don't drink sadly, but which will be useful the next time I have visitors. It was a nice ending to a very hectic party type week, in honour of the scout, who, like I said was visiting, and we fell madly in love and decided we were made for each other. Although she left Thursday, missing the party, but still.

Remember I spoke last week about having a new favourite club? Well, I've been back several times and the magic still lives on. If you live in Bombay you can't not have heard of China House, the new place at the Hyatt (I don't remember whether it's the Grand or the Regency, but the one close to the domestic airport) and I LOVE it. I can't really explain why, maybe it's the campy music--very hip-hoppy mixed with some 80s and 90s stuff, which is soooooo much better than the usual lounge bar house crap that normally plays at these places. It's super expensive, and yet. Oh, I can't really put my finger on what the fascination is. There are COUCHES. And pretty people everywhere. And last week as I was minding my own business, heading to the loo, I bumped straight into Sanjay Dutt. (Hey, I'm a Delhi person. These things impress me). If you haven't checked it out yet, you totally should.

Lessee, what else has been going on? The problem with all this drinking is that you very seldom remember all the fascinating things you tell yourself you simply must blog about. Tonight I had full plans of sitting at home watching Freaky Friday followed by Hitch. (Tomorrow, I go to the bookstore and yay! Harry Potter! Yay! The movie was quite nice too, I think OoTP lends itself more to cinema than any of the other books. Of course, again they assume everyone's read the books because they've left out a good deal and haven't explained a lot of stuff, but Daniel Radcliffe. Rowr) but social plans call and tonight I am out with Sameer. It's a tough life, but someone's got to do it.


  1. oh!!! I know the feeling of being connected via data card, i think it is just to sexy a concept who would like to be connected thru out...

  2. Looks like Tata Indicom got a good advertisement through your blog :)

    They should give you free service you know.

  3. flaccccccid! Where is the good ol' eM of yesteryears who could even entertain us with her posts?

    Yawn! and one surely hopes these product placements are paid ones! been appearing quite regularly they have!

    eM, now seriously, does this blog have an immediate purpose? (like, for example, a launch vehicle of some type for your book?) perhaps it is time to archive it, no? before we all just laugh you off?

  4. it was a good party
    it was
    even if I breezed in and out
    maybe if she had added some of the more interesting details...
    but (hai hai)
    its eM being discreet
    (sameer please lift jaw off table)
    yes yes, that she can be...

  5. yeah its ridiculously exp. But wtf..once in a while is sup..

  6. OoTP was the worst of the lot and written like a film script perhaps that's why.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Merci beaucoup, t'was a nice party eM dear. Know what you mean about there being lots of booze even though I didn't drink any of it ~ do remember some men trying to convince me to shots of some weird looking colored drink!

    Incidentally fyi, China House is in the Grand Hyatt and that's technically in Vakola / Santacruz (East) (though the proper landmark would be: en route to the Kalina University)

  9. yeah! good party it was, and now it is time to archive it (as somebody sayed above)

    back in delhi, so you know who this is.

    \ semi-anonymous

  10. Mention of Tata Indicom sounds fishy ;)...Being awake though dawn is fun, especially if u spend that time with friends!...

    Also, China House seems to be a nice place...Need to check it out

  11. hey.. having a nice time i daresay!! cool.. keep rocking nad yeah.. party harder!! :)

  12. yeah! party harder. actually, party hardcore. heh heh. bt dnt blg

  13. hahahaha sanjay dutt
    oh you Delhi people.

    i wouldn't have recognized him. hes the criminal one who went to jail and shit right?


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