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25 July 2007

In Which We Are Sick, Drunk And Meeting New People

So, sick again and it totally sucks. I hate feeling all sniffly and sore throated and feverish. You never feel as old as you do when you're sick. But it's been an eventful couple of days regardless. My sickness always comes with such perfect timing, no? So, you guys know that Shark Tooth's out of town for like a month, right? Anyway, so we decided a smart (not to mention money saving) thing to do would be to get someone to move in for this month. Which actually, we didn't think we'd be able to do, because, hey, who'd want to live somewhere for like a month, right? Wrong. A while later, I got a forwarded message from a friend asking if I knew of anyone who'd like a flatmate for a month. The universe completely rocks, sometimes.

So, say hello to Mouse (which is a mini in-joke for me, because of her real name. I'm sad with the humour like that. I contemplated linking to her blog, but it's not anonymous enough, sooooooo Mouse she is till the end of the chapter) She's American, here for about a month and a half and we share a common passion for Grey's Anatomy (she has most of season 3 on her computer, which I've been watching obsessively) Disney movies, zoos and cats. And so far (day two now) we're getting on great, comparing notes on American men versus Indian ones. (They're mostly the same worldwide, sadly). Last night I thought I'd take her to Toto's, to like, you know, celebrate moving day and stuff. We were doing fine, till the tequila happened, lots of it, and did I mention she's superhot and very tall so we were more or less the centre of attention there. Although, funnily enough, we both got little notes on napkins, which made me feel slightly better about being short and sniffle-ful. Mine was from this guy who tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Hi, are you from SIMC?" "No," I said, preparing to turn back to my conversation. "Take this," he said, stuffing a much folded note in my hand. I raised my eyebrow (I can do that!) and he said, "Read it at leisure" so of course, I promptly opened it right then and the three of us (another friend joined me later) poured over it. It said, and I quote (much frantic handbag searching later, I think I've lost it. Damn, my purse is like the Bermuda Triangle.) Anyway, what I can reconstruct from memory was: "When I first saw you (excuse the handwriting) I wanted to spend the night with you. But after watching you this whole evening, I want to spend my lifetime with you. Pick whether you'd choose tonight, the weekend or the rest of your life." Followed by his name and phone number. I was all awwwwww, my first wedding proposal. Heh. Mouse's note was behind a coaster, folded and passed over, and her suitor was actually kind of cute. (Mine was fairly pudgy, spectacles etc. Just my luck) He said, "Can I buy you a drink? And intentions... Wana [sic] get to know you better." We giggled over that too and I was elected to reply to it, which I did, saying, "What are your intentions?" "Tell him I'm drinking tequila," whispered Mouse so I did. And then he got up and joined us and we all drank some more tequila. Toto's always does wonders for my ego.

Then we went back to the other friend's house, swigged Bailey's straight from the bottle, attempted to play Life but got bored and played 'I have never' instead. I love alcohol. Did you know that mixing Old Monk and tequila and Bailey's gives you no hangover? Eureka! Now if only this flu would magically vanish, my joy would be complete.


  1. The fairly pudgy and spectacled part was uber-funny :) Another of your enjoyable reads. You should ask Vijay Mallya for a job !!!!!!!! What's with the open declaration of love for the alchohol? :)

  2. I swear I meant alcohol :) Typo alert. sorry

  3. Hmph, no tact. I wanted to spend the night with you. Hmph.

    I say we men rally and write a book about how to go about it. Of course we'd need all the inputs from you ladies, since we're quite clueless ourselves.

  4. You write more like yourself when you're sick. Thank god you're over with the writer's block!

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  6. I don't know if I find the pick-up line funny or cheesy!

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. hahahaa kickass:)
    so are you meeting the pudgy admirer or not?

  9. chitgo: what do you think? :P

    anon trolls: do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

    su: no no, not beer. we don't do beer.

    renovatio: i think thats an EXCELLENT idea. i'll even market it for you.

    d: thanks, i think. :) still ill though.

    sudha: whose? mine or mouse's?

  10. that napkin note was truly cringe worthy. poor bastard.

  11. Alright scritch, em, to the!

    From the sidelines of course, this book has to be by men, for men, with your words... Reminds me of cbse...

  12. Ha ha! "do you kiss your mother with that mouth?"

    I prefer these 'gaalis' than just a simple delete of all the comments you seem to attract from the trolls!

  13. toto's has the best stalkers.
    i think they hand out free lessons while the men wait in line to use the loo.

  14. Toto's is the best and the worst place to get those napkin notes i say. Best coz at least you get them, worst, coz its just always the wrong guy handing it over to you!!

  15. The gaalis to the trolls are great but I think there's a setting where you can approve comments before they get posted which you might want to consider. You don't deserve much of the irrelevant personal crap that gets thrown your way.

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. sigh.
    stupid anon loser type people have driven me to enable comment moderation.
    i'm sorry, the rest of you, but the abuse was getting to be too much! i'll leave it on till they get tired of it and go away and we can have peaceful interactions here again. honestly, some people have all the time in the world, no?

  18. Hmm, I think it twas not a bad pick-up line, both nice and cheesy and senti, if one is slightly drunk. If only the guy had been cute...
    Anyway, hope you feel better soon.


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