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28 September 2009

Wake me up perhaps not when September ends, but somewhere in the middle, okay?

Bad blogger, bad! *wrist slap* But honestly, you gu-uys, how am I supposed to stay motivated if no one comments on my posts anymore? Like, seriously? 13 comments? Are we for real? If you commented loads, I'd write loads! See? Win-win.

But, Happy Dusshera! I have spent the evening with my friend Vik's family, which was awesome. I was feeling the teensiest bit in the doldrums today, so I just got Ira out of her house, got us both into salwar kameezes and we said we'd go where the wind took us. Ideally, we wanted to find a Ravana burning thing, but I believe the only one in Bombay is at Shivaji Park which is miles away, so we settled for calling on Vik and cajoling an invitation to his parents house for dinner. Where we watched The Amazing Race and some show on Star Plus called The Perfect Bride. Have you seen this show? It is BEYOND hilarious. From what I can see, it's where women compete to be the perfect daughters in law, and they live in this house they share with (tan tara tara) their future MOTHER IN LAWS. No, seriously. The sons live right next door and then they get together and do stuff, and this tripe is what passes for entertainment these days. Holy crapola, Batman. Also one of the girls looked vaguely familiar. She might have gone to school with me, although all the reality show watching I have done recently has turned my brain into mush, so I could be wrong.

I had a pretty fun weekend all in all. Asides from a lingering fatigue which I haven't been able to shake (I don't know whether it's the weather or y'know, woman stuff, but wow, do I feel tired) I've been quite active. I did my FIRST FOREIGN FEATURE STORY, thank you very much and I'm all like duuuuuuuuuuude, why have I not tapped this lucrative side of freelancing before? And all the other freelancers I know are all like, um, duh? But, basically it involved me going to the Art Expo and running into Anjolie Ela Menon and having a nice cosy little chat with her.

Also, a little piece of "dirty" writing I did is now on the stands, and since no one wants to excerpt me (hmph) I'll just give you a little taste right here on my blog:

"Aditya’s sole experience until that point was Neelima, a shy girl in college, who he kissed at one of the hostel parties, kissed hard, working his tongue into her mouth. But at the merest hint of his hand slipping down past her shoulders, she had stiffened and pushed him off and he was nowhere closer to figuring out how they felt, her breasts, whether the shape stayed or whether they were malleable, whether they moved under his hand or whether they throbbed. It appreared he was doomed to be fourteen forever.

It tormented him, his virginity. He knew there was something fundamentally wrong with him. For the first time in eleven years, he started thinking about sex constantly again, and everyone was the subject of his fantasy. (....) And just as they had started, the fantasies had stopped. He was celibate, he was cerebral, he resigned himself to being a virgin forever. On his 27th birthday, just a few weeks ago, he had taken a few friends out to dinner, and they had come with their girlfriends or wives, and he had been able to talk to the women, really talk to them, without the constant slideshow of flashing images in his mind, how so-and-so would look naked, how another’s mouth would open when she came, how that one’s ass would feel. People assumed he was having sex, if not regularly, then at least a fair amount. And since he was reticent about it, they assumed he got some quite frequently and often included him in their wink-wink-nudge-nudges. The only person in the whole world who knew was his colleague Disha, who shared a cubicle with him, and who had taken him out for tequila shots the night before to celebrate his birthday. And who was now nakedly stretching across his bed. Naked. "

But besides my little foray, there are some other really good stories too. It'd make a good present, especially for like a bachelorette party or something.

And, before I stop pimping, could I direct your eyeballs towards Metrotwin Mumbai, the other blog I do? (Making the count eleventyhundred and fifty six, for those of you at home keeping track.) I write about Bombay and the stuff I like about it and so do a bunch of people and another bunch of people in London and it's very fun. Promise.

Anyhoo. I think that's a long enough post to inflict on you guys. I hope you had a great long weekend, and SERIOUSLY, COMMENT ALREADY, WHAT DOES A GIRL NEED TO DO FOR REASSURANCE AROUND HERE?


  1. bribes work very well with us :P

    nice kaleidoscope of ure week the went by...and now i kno the publisher to take my erotica too for publishing :P

    will read up on the metrotwin blog later

    cheerio :)

  2. hey em...don't lose motivation,v r still readin u, tho not commentin dat much :) way 2 go dear ...

  3. good way!!...see comments were directly proportional to the # of post in a week...the same way it went it is fair on your part to bring that analogy more the comments more the post! its the other way around!!..o.k.a.y. done :)

  4. Wow we miss you and love you and how!I agree with the previous comment,the number of comments are in proportion to the number of blog posts :P.

    While you were not posting I googled you so much just so I could find something that you wrote,so thanks for that another blog link(Bombay type stuff).

    By the way,how are we to stay motivated if you never reply back to our comments anymore?If you wrote loads,we'd comment loads...Catch22:P.

    No seriously,we LOVE you a lot so please write a lot.We start to get withdrawal symptoms if we don't get our fix regularly ;).
    And you still must consider that idea of How to blog like eM blog in earnest :).

  5. Definitely been reading up...just been lazy enough not to comment!!! Not that this comment is making a whole lot of sense, but hey it makes the count go up from 6 to 7 now :)

    I have a couple of other questions that I'll email directly and ask..about publishing and the likes

  6. Heyyy, don't lose motivation....we are still reading...just that we are inherently lazy group of people, but here it is comment 1. to commend great writing here, and....(to be continued..)

  7. ....and Comment 2. to motivate you, and so that we get more to read here! :D

  8. Erotic book? Come again? Have you contributed a chapter?

  9. Hey I like the sexy story. Heh. AND the blog.

  10. I am at ur feet waitin even for the scraps of tissue that u blow ur nose with to fall hoping there was writing on it to quench my hunger for ur writin oh heavenly goddess... Keep bloggin n we will keep cummin

  11. Oh Em... I always read your posts... but don't comment because I don't know if you read the comments or if comments matter to you anymore.

    Very rarely do you reply :-(

    I hope the book with your short story picks up... but do hope you come out with a new book soon...

    The metro twin blog is definitely interesting...


  12. Breaking the jinx of 13 comments... here I come. :)

    First time on your blog and I loved this post... I am gonna be a regular from now on...

    And the small piece of writing that u have shared is pretty erotic ;)

    Carry on Writing...

  13. hehe, i luv'd the funda of feedback being directly proportional to motivation, i am starting to feel the same with my blog. But,its vice versa sounds fair too :).

    Good to know you're gettin your stuff published 'n printed. btw the erotica wasn't bad at all. "giggles"!!

  14. I like the 'dirty writing':) The Metrotwin blog is a great idea, especially for me- I live in Bombay and my twin brother lives in London so it just tickles me silly :)

  15. Been a regular here since a long time.

    It felt like I was held at gun point and asked to comment ;)

    Keep writing and be assured that we are reading! :)

  16. there you go, the 21st comment :D

    I am so going to show the boyfriend that little piece of writing :D

  17. Yup, I too wonder where all have suddenly disappeared!

    Your writing is catchy as always, when is your next magnum opus coming out?

  18. everything has a begining and an end.. the product life cycle of this blog is about to end i guess

  19. Gone are the days where people commented out of goodness in their hearts;-D.

    U shd knw this by now...Blogging is more of a "I'll scratch ur back only if u scratch mine" policy ;-))

    I'm reading U after a loooong time...infact I even remember tht post....which was abt Sound of Music:-))

    Didnt knw u had written a book...Congrats!!!!
    Phoooton, fallo.....May there be many, many more;-D!!!!!

  20. eM, you always wrote with finesse. Even your so-called erotica had a class of its own. But this, what you have published here, is just plain crude and very commonplace. What happened to you :(

  21. hey I am First time reader of your blog rather of blogs in genral for that matter.I loved ur post and like you style of writing....its easy going and fast paced...ur excrept from the book was just amazing...i have not come across a better portrayel of male mind anywhwre else...hey dont bother bout comments...keep writing the good stuff...make it more of a way of expression...ok wont get preachy...will keep coming back for more.have fun


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