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4 March 2011

The Different Kinds Of Sex (a list for your referencing pleasure)

“How many different kinds of sex are there?” asked a friend last night at 4S, so another friend and I decided to make him a list. And here they are:


1) Make up sex

2) Break up sex

3) I’m bored and there’s nothing on TV sex*

4)  I’m drunk and a little bit lonely and you’re here sex

5) I forgot to get you a birthday/Valentine’s Day/Christmas present sex*

6) I’m regretting this even as I’m doing it (but it’s too late to back out now) sex

7) You talked about your ex for an hour this afternoon sex

8) I saw you checking someone else out sex*

9) I’m a little bit guilty for checking someone out sex*

10) Revenge sex

11) Pity sex

12)  I’m trying to prove something to my hot friend sex

13) We’ve been on a road trip and gotten really close sex

14) We once hooked up and I’m trying to see if there’s still a connection sex

15) I had a crush on you in high school sex

16) I had a crush on you in high school and now you’re fat and I’m hot sex

17) I’m about to break up with you only I’m not sure how to do it so I will initiate sex sex

18) I wasn’t going to have sex with you but then I saw how everyone else was looking at you so I changed my mind sex

19) You’re my friend and I just saw you in a new light sex

20) This is more about me than you sex (applies to mile high clubs and one night stands)

21) I haven’t had sex in a really long time and you make me feel less like a person who is going to have to be CELIBATE FOREVER sex

22) You’re much younger than me and so you make me feel agile sex

23) You talked about how much you like my writing and so I feel connected to you sex (only a writer’s thing, I guess.)

24) Secret sex

25) I just broke up with someone and I want to test the whole “the only way to get over someone is to get under someone else” theory sex

26) Post sexting sex

27) You’re my co-worker but you looked really hot at the office party sex

28) Significant occasion sex (birthdays, New Year’s, etc)

29) This is supposed to match an image I have in my mind sex

30) I don’t really want to sleep with you, but you’re really nice and would make an excellent partner so I’m going to try and see if it works sex



*Applies to people in relationships

Feel free to add on more in the comments!


  1. you're leaving the country and we had great summer sex a long time ago so lets meet and you know what follows sex.

  2. 1.Just like that sex.
    2.To help you get over your ex, sex
    3.To get one's virginity sex
    4.To experience sex(lose virginity- opposite of point 3)

  3. There's an episode of How I Met Your Mother (season 4, 5 or 6.. I'm not sure which one...) where they list 50 reasons to have sex... Although they've not mentioned all 50 on screen, they've mentioned quite a few there as well! Watch it if you get a chance! :)

  4. ...and after reading this list if you are interested in chlamydia sex?

  5. Huha!

    "...And you make number five/seven/ten..." sex.

    "What do you mean you're saving yourself for marriage?!" not-sex.

  6. I-am-home-alone Sex.

    I-Just-Watched-Lots-Of-Porn Sex.

    To-Get-Pregnant Sex.

    Newly-Waxed-Legs/Body Sex.

    It's-Been-A-While Sex.

    I-Love-You Sex.

  7. How could you have missed the most important point?

    Because i love you - sex.

  8. @Nikita Ditto my thoughts when I saw the post. I think I-love-you sex was last one on their list.

  9. 1. Had a bad day at office and need comfort sex
    2. I need to feel I'm still attractive to you sex*

    * same meaning as your star

  10. For having read this post sex

  11. How about we are on a vacation and we are supposed to be romantic/ do it atleast once sex ?

  12. 1. Cheating sex
    2. Early morning cos it's up anyway sex

  13. this reminds me of that episode in HIMYM! :o)
    Except they thought of 50. and the 50th one was " cos I love you".

    Cheesy, but it worked in the episode! :D

  14. I think the HIMYM gang came up with a (similar)pretty comprehensive list.

  15. How could you forget paid sex? World's oldest profession still makes lots of moolah, so much so that now frugal houseiwves to Bollywood celebs freely indulge in it and sleep their way to bank accounts

  16. you are hot sex..
    friends with benefit sex

  17. Listening to French songs and it's raining outside sex :-)

  18. This would be my second time sex.(Especially since you weren't sure what happened the first time)

  19. I am looking for a reson to have sex sex

  20. The baby's finally asleep and we have one hour of down time, hallelujah, sex.

  21. The world's incestuous so might as well sleep together sex.

  22. lol.

    Good morning sex!!

  23. Hey that one is soo copied from the How I met your mother episode, Season 6.... get original girl copying wont get you a booker ever !

  24. "this is our suhaag raat and we shared the glass of milk; let's do it now "sex.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Why make sex so damn complicated? Its just your DNA twitching to replicate. Thats all. Isn't sex and all that sex talk overrated? Agreed sex sells (and it should). But overrated it is.

  27. @Gideon Mathson

    couldn't stop replying ;

    i am high on alcohol *sex.

    just bought handcuffs * sex

  28. lmao...i love the liat...k lemme try one..
    awesome whether outside sex..

  29. new to d list.. "u r fuckin hot n m good at studies.. so let's get tgethr for group studies SEX"

  30. 1. thank you sex
    2. it just happened sex
    3. drunk witless sex
    4. wanna know how you'd be in bed and theres only one way to find out sex
    5. sexercise sex
    6. logical sequence of things sex
    7. wanna try new flavor of condom sex

  31. ha ha ha great post. The trouble is being Indians, we often take the back road when it comes to sex.

  32. 1) i'm baked so let's have sex sex
    2) we're not supposed to do it here so we must sex
    3) let the cake bake while we get busy sex*
    4) angry sex
    5) heart is broken sex
    6) afternoon sex

    also, who cares if himym had an episode on it? and, whether sex sells or not, it's so much fun to talk about it :D

  33. funny but i can almost replace sex with masturbation with every single sentence! (ok may be not in all of them but most!)

  34. i cudnt stop laughing from the first till last comment! lemme think if i can add umm

    nothing working out for me , let me try sex sex!

  35. I am addicted to sex so lets hv sex ,


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