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21 March 2011

Travelling I always stop at exits, wondering if I’ll stay young and restless

The problem with March is that it’s springtime. And the problem with springtime is that there are so many things in the air, that it’s rare for me to wake up in the morning without a sniffly nose. To make matters worse, my cat is shedding like it’s going out of style and I have to contend with piles of cat hair EVERYWHERE, even on freshly washed clothes, so everywhere I go, I take my allergies with me. It’s not fun. I’ve also developed an Allegra addiction.


The exciting thing to happen to me this week is a trip to Singapore for a “literary salon”. I can’t find very much on it online, but if you read me and you’re in Singapore, I’ll be at a fancypants boutique hotel called The Club, so come and say hello. ETA: I’m speaking on Saturday, the 26th at Singapore Recreation Club, B Connaught Drive  I’ll read to you, and drink a glass of wine with you after. I remember the last time I was in Singapore, now THAT was a fun trip, and while, yes, yes, I’ve grown older (and wiser) in the interim, I can’t help but hope that things will be pretty much the same level of awesome.


Another exciting thing to happen to me next month is a trip to Amritsar. I made a friend while I was in Gokarna, and he will be travelling up North later this month and so, we made plans to go to the Punjab together. I’m very excited, having never been to Amritsar and all I can think is TANDOORI CHICKEN WHEEE! I’m nothing if not a propagator of stereotypes. I’ve done the Wagah border before, when I went for a colleague’s wedding in Faridkot, and it struck me as rather aggressive, but I’d like to go see it again, just so I can be sure of my impressions. The foot stamping that each side’s soldier does is a bit… odd though, and doesn’t go very far in promoting peace between the two countries, which I thought was our eventual goal.


This month also a whole bunch of old friends are in town, Small and BB, both of whom I love, are visiting Delhi and I look forward to happy times. Nothing like old friends. Especially now, when they seem even more dear. It gets harder to make good NEW friends when you’re older, right? At least, I’m finding that the case, everyone is either an acquaintance or a frenemy, with the exceptions being few and far between. Maybe Delhi is just a more politic-y city, in matters of friendship as well as the state.


As for boys? HAH. I’ve so given them up, which is just as well, because they’ve given up on me. To just go out with ONE nice man, to have a banter-filled conversation over dinner and a drink, to feel the comfortable flutter in your stomach at the end of a date well done, it seems like all these are impossible goals. Meanwhile, I stew in my celibate state (six months and counting) and dream of random encounters with sexy strangers.


Oh well, at least it’s almost summertime, and that’s the season when I feel the most in my element. Because of my clothes, I hate to layer, it’s annoying having to remember tights and a thermal and a jacket and a scarf each time you leave the house, now I’m just like DRESS! and CHAPPALS! and yay, out of the door I go.


Anyway. That’s my March, not very mad, but still, mostly eventful.


  1. Aww...chin up eM. The likelihood of meeting a nice, dateable man always shoot up considerably when you step out of Bharat.

    I've lived in both Singapore and New Delhi, and trust me, the men in Singapore are leagues ahead in terms of boyfriend material.

    If not a relationship, at least a pleasant date is very much a possible goal in Sing :-)

  2. Hey! I've been lurking around here, and just read about you coming to Singapore! What time is this event, and how do I find out more about it? Lemme know please :-)

  3. Ah, you finally seem to be getting back to your old self. :)

  4. OMG ! I just read your previous Singapore visit post. You were so awesome back then with so high levels of energy - almost felt like a freshman in college.
    Em, you better suit up again else there would be no cute boys this time for you ;-)

  5. having lived in both cities, bombay gives u more chances of having a nice date than delhi, somehow.
    Hope u find date-worthy men in Singapore though. have fun!

  6. Amritsar should be fun...Wagah ceremnoy is surely mind blowing

    I know it can get lonely without boys moreso if you have never been in solitude before. Hope you find someone right soon

  7. Hello, just like my friend the penguin, I lurk around here a lot. Would you like to meet up when in Sing? We could do drinks sat or something. Depending of course on what your other plans are. :-)

  8. I need allegra time n again due to these silly allergies!! Anyways, nuce blog and i must say u r quite a traveler. Happy traveling. :)

    P.S Dropped by randomly.

  9. Totally agree on the friends bit...never knew when it became so hard!

  10. y dont u visit kerla in this march its hot but some beautiful snaps here

  11. It's that time of the year now in the UK that makes me want to take a trip every weekend ... Spring, sunshine, everything is blooming, the air is full of possibilities.

    Enjoy your trip to Singapore, lucky you! It's one of my favourite cities in the world. Mainly because of the food and the parks and Sentosa! I like the beach on Sentosa, even if it's fake.

    Amritsar is nice too ... and ooooh, Punjabi fooood. :o)))

    Looking forward to more stories and photos from your travels.


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