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17 December 2011

Dad Joke: "Why is thirty the dirtiest birthday?" Me: *groan* "WHY?" Dad: "Because it's XXX."

I turned thirty, you guys, and it's not so bad so far. It's been like, less than a week, now, and the only signs of incipient ageing is that last night I bunked a fun party to stay at home under a quilt and read on my couch. But there was wine, and company, and it was all very cozy and sociable. My thirtieth birthday party was so much fun, I think my birthdays get better each year, this time, I had a fancy pants party, with a Mad Men dress theme, for which I had an actual dress MADE. I drew it, and took the fabric to a boutique close to my house, and they made it into what I imagined. I wish I could sew. I imagine, like cooking, it would be awesome to see something you're thinking about turned into an actual THING, that is functional and pretty.

Everyone dressed according to theme as well, but since I decided to get drunk and replaced a camera around my neck with a bottle of wine in my arms, there are very few photos, and even those, taken by other friends are things I haven't seen yet. Good Things, as mentioned in the previous post, are currently happening in Delhi, and so most of the last week has been spent in lazy happiness. Also, got some very nice presents, including a Kindle I had hinted wildly at, and is now my new boyfriend. With all the travelling I've been doing, the biggest pain in the ass has been packing books--I read fast, so I usually pack about four books for each week long journey, some to read on the way, some to read while I'm there, and one "emergency" book, in case everything else finishes. This is LIGHT! and FITS IN MY BAG! and so easy to read on. I took it for a spin yesterday to Khan Market, and was that girl who drinks her cappucino with her book. (Tina Fey's Bossypants, in case you're interested) and I had a lovely time. I'm hoping this will mean I read more, well, already, I think I read more than a lot of people I know, simply because I have the time, but I'm not as dedicated as I used to be pre-streaming TV. As a result, I missed most of the "best books of 2011" list, and now I'm committing myself to reading EVERYTHING, a wild catch up, before the year ends and there's a whole new list.

Besides that, I only have one more week of spending my evenings in front of my heater, because on Christmas Day, I whisk off to Sri Lanka for the rest of the year. A week is not long enough to turn into a beach bum, but I plan to try. I'm going with people from all over the country, friends from Bombay, friend from Calcutta, friend from Delhi, and we'll be converging on Unawatuna beach, where I will sit back in my deck chair, with my Bloody Mary and become a coconut. So not looking forward to coming back to January's bitter charms, but a new thing I'm trying this year is not antipating ahead of what my present day is. Live in the moment, eM! (Which, this weekend, is a bunch of parties, so I'm not doing too badly.)

But, here we are, my darlings, in December, and likely, since I'm currently writing several other things, my last post of the year. A good year, unlike 2010, and I hope the lucky streak continues through 2012. (Isn't the world supposed to end next year? I hope not, it's just gotten interesting!) Have a marvelous New Year, and I'll see you all on the other side.

And, because my "About Me" can no longer read "twenty something" (DEEP SIGH) I've updated it, for the first time in years. We women of a certain age can no longer casually toss references in about the decade we belong to. It'll be our little secret.  


  1. Wishing you all the best for 2012. Started reading some of your posts lately and have liked most of them. Hope I bump into u somewhere in Khan Market which is a favorite haunt. Have a nice time in Sri Lanka

  2. belated happy birthday!!!
    and sri lanka... I am so bloody jealous... that was MY plan.

    but enjoy yourself and have a very happy new year

  3. From where I see the '30s' approaching, it doesn't look that bad! Happy belated birthday!

  4. Happy birthday! Go rock the 30's eM!

    And have a fabulous time in Sri Lanka!

  5. For someone who also turned 30 six months back, I honestly don't feel any different. You might have realized that too.
    It's fun to read what you write. I've been following your blog for over a year now. All the best. Have a GREAT year ahead!

  6. Hey! Belated Birthday wishes!
    30 is no bad! infact life is gud at 30,all the more rocking!
    Merry X-Mas & a very happy new year 2012!

  7. Are you hoping to participate in the Galle Lit Festival'12 in SL?
    Unawatuna is a wonderful place.Hope u'll have a great time in SL :D

  8. Can I recommend Sunil Garden Cafe at Unawatuna for some real coffee? actually its a great place to stay at too..just no sea view..but then the other places will be quite expensive is my guess...oh Unawatuna..i miss you. have a great time. its actually not possible not to have a lovely time there :)

  9. always enjoy reading your articles, and usually agree to most of your opinions

  10. Become dirty! Oh sorry thirty? Itz time 2 read (if not already) Advaita Kala's "almost single".

  11. Happy Thirtieth!

    I hit the big three-zero next month, assuming it is January already which it almost is if you think about it - anyway, can't wait, have been excited about it since the beginning of this year, assuming it is still December which it actually really is.

    The only scary is thing is like, wowsers, I'll be a proper grown-up now. Hmmmm. Can I insert a 'yikes' in there somewhere followed by a generous helping of exclamation marks??

  12. Oh and I just realised that it's already officially New Year's Eve where you are so a slightly premature yet very heartfelt Happy 2012 - hope it's special in all ways possible!

  13. Happy nw yr deedi it is ma frst postng to ur blog wishng u al success dr..
    Amjith ,kerala


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