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3 January 2012

Five New Year's Resolutions*

* that don't include the standard eat better, live better, be healthy, even though those are TOTALLY important and you should TOTALLY take better care of your health, but they're going to be broken in a couple of weeks anyway, so why bother, eh?

> I must not form irrational, overemotional attachments to electronic items, laptop, smartphone, Kindle etc and instead remind myself that the best things on earth are simple and involve nature and shit, and I can totally manage to go a couple of weeks without checking my email.*

(*okay, okay, Facebook. FINE. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?)

> I must do a complete closet purge and throw away all clothes that I haven't worn more than once (or ever) and resist the voice that says, "That would look pretty in three years if you grew taller!" Instead, live for the current sartorial moment, even if you will look back with regret at that awesome dress you gave away three months ago.

>  Totally stop using the word 'totally', even if it started out in an ironic fashion, is now irrevocably part of my vocabulary and must be removed. Similarly, the 'duck face' photo pose, once used to mock other girls who used the Duck Face, now part of an alarming amount of my pictures. Must. Go. Now.

> Take success with cooking as a jumping point from which to leap into ALL domesticity. Learn how to crochet, to make homemade thingummys, and centrepieces for your table and be the kind of effortless lovely all round housewife superstar career woman etc that makes everyone look to her with awe. Do this all very modestly and graciously.

> Focus on actually writing third novel instead of opening a Word document and then spending your day daydreaming about all the wonderful reviews you're going to get.


  1. Awesome, Awesome. You want to keep it simple that is good. Best of luck for that.

  2. Crocheting? Seriously? And superstar housewife-ing?? When did you bring the 50s back?

  3. Throwing out those clothes is the easy part. It's the getting new ones which is a bit more complicated!

  4. //Focus on actually writing third novel instead of opening a Word document and then spending your day daydreaming about all the wonderful reviews you're going to get// :-))))

  5. Reg #2 - Of all sad words of tongue and pen, The saddest/meanest are "Dude! Let it go" :)
    ~ Cheers!

  6. whats the title of the new book? happy new year.

  7. Your fourth resolution is really funny :)

  8. Awesome!
    Happy New Year!
    All the best for ur new book!

  9. very nice and interesting article!
    everyone like it...
    thanks for the information...

  10. So here's what new happened on new year... I bought a new book titled "You are Here" (you know who's the author, don't you?)... But I ended up reading the book, sitting in the last bench on my Engineering lecture room... The teacher surprisingly caught me + the book + my bad luck... Now that is not the Happiest New Year for me... And who else should I tell this if not the author?

    Read about 36 pages and cannot buy a new one... Good it is but I guess I'd miss the better part...

  11. nice one,lyk it..a rocking new year meenutty.. :) lol..m sorry..can u read ma new year resolutions blogpost.. n plz comment ..,huhuhu no1 reading ma blog

  12. Your post inspires me to finally think of some doable and practical resolutions!

  13. Good resolutions........

  14. i love your blog.its beautifully written.i came upon it through an article in vogue.even i started my own few months back..
    check it out if you can please
    would love to have your insight on it.

  15. I love your quirky writing style. Love to read your posts. Your resolutions matches somewhat with mine too and I can relate to it.

    Divya Bhaskar

  16. where are you? its been a month without a new post

  17. great do try to keep it simple as u can....

  18. Loved this statement..
    Do this all very modestly and graciously.


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