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25 September 2012

10 things I love on the internet this week

1) The Chat Roulette version of Call Me Maybe is pure awesomeness. A guy with a beard and a wig and access to several different bikinis dresses up and lip syncs to the song while talking to random strangers on video chat. What's not to love?

2) OH MY GOD, IT'S NED FLANDERS and other people who look like cartoons.

3) Awesomely awesome Twitter feeds: Jesus and The Universe.

4) Where does Slyvia Plath not belong? Everywhere.

5) My friend Pragya is heading up a new Bollywood website with smart writing and great video.

6) Downton Abbey is back! Celebrate by visiting Fuck Yes, Downton Abbey, full of lovely Dowager Countess quotes. She = me.

7) How to get the perfect avocado.

8) I've been to the Roald Dahl museum, have you?

9) "In the air, we are somehow left exposed: the sum of our clothes and our baggage and our headphones. At the mercy of other people’s judgments and the flight attendant’s whims, trapped in our petty choices of book or shoe or ChapStik. I go through a hundred love affairs and feuds on every flight. If someone hefts my duffel into an overhead bin, in that moment I am his devoted slave. If someone else should dart into the aisle ahead of me to gain a few seconds at the baggage carousel, I hate with all I am capable of. Very leveling, and I’m not even talking about the equalizing effect of pressurized air or turbulence, let alone something worse. Someone who can sleep, in such moments, is living a better life than someone who cannot. I never can."
10) Web comic love. So many puns!

BONUS #11! Teju Cole's article on Instagram is directed at me. Well, a number of people, but mainly me. Aw, Teju. My photos are good, promise.

(if you're on Instagram and want to see the photos my shitty cellphone camera (NotiPhone) takes, then follow me: @decemberschild.)

Have a lovely (useless) day.

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  1. I would add PSY rapper dancing with Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel to the list also.


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