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28 September 2012

Four puppies, Mr Sunshine & a St. Bernard called Ingrid

Adoption Thursday on a Friday, because I've been super busy this week. Apologies, enjoy the puppy pictures!

Like the Brady Bunch but without annoying Jan.
Marshall, Barney, Ted and Lily are a set of four siblings who need homes--temporary or permanent. Take them all together and bury yourself in a cloud of puppies when you get home OR home one and you still win. Call Sanjay at 9873707071 or adorable quintet over there will have to go to a shelter. Boo. Save the puppies!

All he needs is a pair of sunglasses and you've got Johnny Bravo
This handsome chap is called Mr. Sunshine. As you can see, he's every kind of awesome, only the humans at the building he's grown up at don't think so. And, as delightful members of our species, they've taken to throwing stones at him and are threatening to have him put down. He's a super friendly fellow, will thrive in your flat or your garden and is perfect for someone considering a dog but who doesn't want to deal with puppy trauma. To take him home, call Shawlinee at 9818993372.

The dangers of dieting
This is Ingrid. In another example of shining human beings, she's someone's family pet abandoned at a shelter, but apart from being super skinny, is a pure Saint. Here are some fun facts about the St Bernard: 1) They LOVE kids and people. 2) They're good watchdogs and 3) They drool when they eat or drink. Aw. Ingrid is about 4 or 5 years old and will need some kind of cool atmosphere, but hey, winter is coming, and anything is better than a shelter. To adopt Ingrid, email

As always, thanks to my friend Supriya Sodhi for Mr Sunshine's information, Red Paws Rescue for Ingrid and Sanjay for the clutch of puppies. If you have a puppy/dog/KITTIES I LOVE KITTIES/hamster/squirrel/fish/you get the picture you'd like to help, email me pictures and information and I'd be happy to put them up. I will NOT help you abandon your pet though, take the poor creature with you when you move and stop making excuses.


  1. Aww...such cuties! You've given me a great idea for my blog to promote adoptions...

  2. It's really cruel when a family gets a dog and then decides after a couple of months or years that they do not want them anymore. They should have done their homework before getting a pet. Pets are not accessories!


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